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What Is Printer And Its Types | What Is Printer In Computer – Best Information

What Is Printer And Its Types | What Is Printer In Computer – Best Information

What Is Printer in Computer – The user can view the results obtained from the computer on the monitor screen, but there are many tasks where the display on the monitor screen alone is not enough, it needs to be printed on paper and for this purpose the output device printer is used. is done. The output printed on paper are called hard copy. What Is Printer – The job of the printer is to convert the digital signals received from the computer into human understandable language, signs and pictures etc. and print them on paper in the form of hard copy.

What Is Printer And Its Types

Printer – Printer is such an output device that prints the information received from the computer on paper, but the output of information from the computer is very fast and the printer is not able to work as fast, so it becomes necessary that it The information can be stored somewhere in the printer. So the printer also has a memory. Information is sent from the computer to this memory of the printer, from where the information is extracted and printed slowly.

What Is Printer – If the information received from the computer is so much that it cannot be stored in this repository, then a buffer is installed for this, which takes all the data from the computer in a second or two, from where it slowly goes to the printer. Following are the printing methods of the What Is Printer And Its Types

What Is Printer In Computer

What Is Printer And Its Types | What Is Printer In Computer – Best Information
What Is Printer And Its Types | What Is Printer In Computer – Best Information
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Impact Printer

Impact Printer – In this method of printing, printing is done by the action of hammering. There is also a sound in this action. The typewriter used in offices is a good example of impact printing. Daisy Wheel Printer and Dot Matrix Printer are prominent among the impact printers used with computers. In these, more than one copy can also be printed simultaneously by applying carbon paper.

The work of impact printing is done by a special component called the print head. The paper to be printed remains fixed in its place and the printhead continues to print by moving to the left and to the right. After completing one line, the printer starts printing another line on the paper. In this way all the information is printed on paper. In some printers, the printhead prints in both left-to-right and right-to-left directions. This cuts the printing time in half and doubles the speed.

Non-Impact Printing

Non-Impact Printing – The process of printing is quiet in non-impact printers. Ink Jet Printer and Laser Printer are examples of non-impact printers. In these printers only one copy is printed at a time.

Now we will discuss about the major impact and non-impact printers.

Daisy Wheel Printers

Daisy Wheel Printers – In this printer, printing is done with the help of a wheel or wheel. Due to the shape of this printing wheel like a blooming flower, it is called Daisy Wheel. It is like a wheel made of plastic. It consists of 96 plastic needles on a spindle. On whose outer ends solid letters remain. For printing, the daisy wheel is inserted into the printhead and it rotates rapidly.

As soon as the petal of the letter to be printed comes in the correct position, an electric hammer strikes it from behind and that letter is printed on the paper. After the letter is printed, the printhead goes ahead and prints the line of letters with the same action.

The letters printed in this way are very beautiful and clear, but there is noise while doing its work. Their printing speed is slow, about 60 characters per second.

Line Printers

Line Printers – This is also an impact printer. An entire line or line can be printed by this printer at a time. Their speed is relatively fast, about 20 to 80 lines per second. Drum, chain and band printers are some examples of line printers. They print 100 to 150 lines a minute. The printing speed in these printers depends on the movement of the paper. Chain printer is a good example of line printer. This printer has a chain that keeps rotating rapidly between two gears. Four groups of 64 symbols (symbols) are engraved on this chain.

As soon as the command is received from the computer, it is struck by the hammer, that is, by the blowing lever, due to which a special letter is printed on the paper. Its speed is also fast. A drum printer is also an example of a line printer. In this printer the characters are embossed on the surface of a cylindrical drum. In this, the cylindrical drum rotates at a very high speed.

There is also a carbon ribbon between the drum and the paper, with the help of which, on receiving instructions from the computer, the characters from the drum are printed on the paper. Another example of a line printer is a band printer. This printer works like a chain printer. In this, instead of a chain, there is a print band of steel. As soon as the command is received from the computer, that character gets printed on the paper after being hit by the hammer.

Dot Matrix Printers

Dot Matrix Printers – A completely different method is used in these printers to print the letters. They do not have different printheads for different letters. All letters are printed by the same printhead. Before knowing about it in detail, it will be necessary to know about the dot-matrix made of dots. The set of points arranged in sequence is called a matrix. Generally three matrices are in use – 5×7, 7×9 and 9×12. Although a matrix has many points, it is not necessary that the printhead also has the same number of pins, i.e. 35 for 5 x 7 and 63 for 7 x 9 etc. Modern printheads have pins arranged in one or more vertical lines.

For example a 7×9 matrix has 9 pins in a vertical line to print letters. These pins are usually hidden inside the printhead, but for printing they quickly pop out and hit the ribbon, which prints dots on the paper; Think of it this way: If all 9 pins come out and hit the paper together, then a vertical line with 9 dots will be printed on the paper. As the printhead moves from left to right, individual pins pop out and fumble and dotted letters are printed on the paper on the printer. Since the dot-matrix printer is also an impact printer, it makes a lot of noise while printing.

But in this the printhead can do the printing by moving in both the directions, so it takes less time in printing. More than one copy can be printed simultaneously using carbon paper. This printer can easily print both text and graphics simultaneously.

Ink-Jet Printers

Ink-Jet Printers – These are non-impact printers. Their printing system is also similar to that of dot-matrix printers. The only difference is that the dots printed on the paper are made by tiny droplets of ink. These dots are much smaller than the dots made by dot-matrix printers and hence the printed characters are very beautiful and clear. In this printer, ink is pumped out through a nozzle with very fine holes in the printhead. As the printhead moves, these tiny droplets of ink go on making letters. By this action, printing can be done on all types of paper and also on other mediums.

Like dot matrix printers, ink jet printers also print one line by line and their printing speed is almost the same as dot matrix printers, but their printed characters are very clean and beautiful. These are great for printing text, but some models don’t make printing graphics very clear. At present, ink jet printers are also available for color printing, which can print in one color or in many colors in addition to paper, on plastic sheets and other mediums.

In these printers, the electrical signal received from the computer is first converted into pressure and it is given to the ink vessel. Due to this, the droplets of ink come out charged and print on the paper. Bubble Jet printers also work in a similar way.

Laser Printers

Laser Printers – Laser printer is a non-impact printer, these printers also print through dots, but these dots are very small and close together, the letters are printed very clearly. Normal laser printer prints 300×300 dots. Modern laser printers are 600×600 or 1200×1200 or higher in resolution. How Laser Printers Work Basically Document Copies Zerox Photo

What Is Printer – Copiers are like machines. The only difference is in the formation of letters in the form of an electric charge on the silicon cylinder. Light rays are used in photocopy machines and laser rays in laser printers. These laser rays are generated by a laser instrument made of semiconductors.

These laser rays passing through an octahedral prism each passing through a mirror fall on a cylinder made of silicon. Wherever these laser rays fall, a small charge point is generated on the silicon cylinder. Letters are formed by generating letter-shaped charge points on the drum with the help of laser beams by the electrical signals received from the computer. Thus the surface of this cylinder becomes charged. A special type of powder is poured on this charged surface, which is called toner.

What Is Printer And Its Types

Toner particles stick only in places where there is a charge. By rotating this cylinder, the ink gets printed on the paper. Now this paper is passed through the fixing unit. In this unit the paper is heated. Due to this the toner particles melt and stick to the paper and the printing becomes permanent. The finer the toner powder, the more clean and beautiful the printing will be. The printing of laser printers is the best of all. This output device has revolutionized the world of printing.

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