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What Is Personal Computer | Best Personal Computer And Its Types

What Is Personal Computer | Best Personal Computer And Its Types

What is a Personal Computer A personal computer is a form of microcomputer. After the invention of the microprocessor in 1970, it was used in manufactured computers. Early computers were large, slow, and very expensive, so ordinary users couldn’t afford them. With microprocessors, computers continued to shrink in size, speed up, and cost down.

IBM, a leading computer manufacturer, has begun manufacturing such computers that are available for purchase by the general public. Due to their small size, these computers are also called personal computers or PCs because they can be installed for personal use in any workspace outside or outside the home.

Personal computers (PCs) manufactured by IBM were called IBM-PCs. The capacity of this computer is so small that it can be placed in the corner of a table, but it has become so popular that all computer manufacturers have begun to manufacture PCs. Along with this, efforts to increase capacity have also started.

PCs are very popular these days. Currently, the power and power of a PC-AT competes with the power and capacity of a larger computer, but at a relatively low cost. Initially, the processor installed on the PC was 8-bit, but the processor installed on the PC-AT is 16-bit or 32-bit. Their speed is very fast and their storage capacity is also very high.

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Personal Computer manufacturing was started by IBM. Many companies are currently involved in the manufacture of PCs. These PCs are compatible with IBM-PCs because they are similar in size, structure, hardware, software, and strength to IBM-PCs. All of this software can be run on those PCs that can run on IBM-PCs. IBM has a huge inventory of PC software. To take advantage of the software, all companies make their PCs similar to IBM-PCs.

What Is Personal Computer And Explain Its Types

There are four main types of Personal Computers: Palmtop Personal Computers, laptop / notebook Personal Computers, Desktop Personal Computers, and Workstations.

What Is Personal Computer | Best Personal Computer And Its Types
What Is Personal Computer | Best Personal Computer And Its Types
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Palmtop Personal Computer

Palmtop PCs are so small that you can hold them in the palm of your hand. That’s why they are known as palmtop PCs. All the features of this computer can be found on a regular personal computer. The storage capacity of the palm top computer will be reduced. These computers can also be connected via a wireless network. Palmtop provides features that can be used as computers, mobile phones, fax machines, and email machines. Today, it is used for multiple functions by integrating PCs into mobile phones.

An electronic diary is one form of this. There is only one monitor screen. It is operated with the help of a battery power. With the help of the keyboard, commands are given in it and data is entered. The result obtained after the command the display is done on the screen.

Laptop / Notebook

Laptops are also known as notebook computers. The laptop computer weighs about 2 kg. You can work with this type of computer by placing it on your lap. The design of this computer is similar to the design of a briefcase or a large notebook. With a portable computer, you can easily carry it anywhere. This computer uses a keyboard, a flat-screen LCD display, and a Pentium or PowerPC processor.

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The color display is available on laptops. Laptop computers typically run on the Windows operating system. Laptops come with both hard disks and floppy disks. Laptops can be connected over the network. The laptop can run on batteries. You can use it from the office while traveling.

Work Station

The workstation is also a desktop machine. Most workstations have a large colour display unit. Generally, their memory is about 32 to 64 MB and their disks are 1 to 5 GB. Workstations typically use risk processors such as MIPS (SIG), SPARC (SUN), ALPHA (DEC), RIOS (IBM), and PA-RISC (HP). A system called X Windows is provided by workstations to display the status of multiple processes. Most workstations are used as LAN hardware.

Desktop Personal Computer

Desktop computers are commonly used in offices, schools, and homes. There are many companies in the market that manufacture desktop PCs. Among these, IBM and Macintosh stand out. In general terms, the desktop is known as the PC. Its main parts are monitors, cabinets, keyboards, mice, etc. With the help of a keyboard and mouse, commands are given to the computer and data is entered.

The command is executed by the CPU in the cabinet and the result is displayed on the monitor screen. 32FICTIMER # IBM PC; IBM Ps / 2; Apple II, lle, llc 3ik Macintosh Line; Today 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000; concpag desks 286 and 386; There are available models called Pentium, Pentium PII, Pentium PIII, etc. The desktop PCs can be divided into two parts-

1-Single User System-A PC used by one person at a time is called a single user system.

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2-Multi-user system-A PC used by many people at once is called a multi-user system. Such PCs are commonly used in networks.

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