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What Is OCR – OCR for Smart Business Best Uses

What Is OCR – OCR for Smart Business Best Uses

What is OCR – OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. Beyond this acronym, there’s promising simplicity that makes the process of finding and saving any business document a fast one. Unlike manual data entry, which is error-prone from documents, OCR is precision software, not just digitization of documents.

The main focus of today’s growing business is to make all the information highly updated and accessible. This doesn’t mean maintaining a pile of files and folders and turning your office into an academic library. Rather, smart businesses are moving from manual storage to highly efficient OCR digital software that understands stored documents and manipulates the data in these documents.

What Is OCR – OCR for Smart Business

What Is OCR - OCR for Smart Business Best Uses
What Is OCR – OCR for Smart Business Best Uses
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OCR Has Two Main Purposes

Save Document – Business-related documents such as receipts, invoices, contracts, legal or employee talent forms, and hundreds of other documents are scanned and displayed on your computer screen. The OCR software then creates text for each image that is saved with the image and is fully searchable for retrieval by other applications.

Reuse of documents and their contents – OCR software allows you to view your documents in suitable, editable files such as spreadsheets, MS Word documents and PDFs. You can skip the tedious process of re-scanning the original copy and making changes. Even better, the text generated by OCR can be used to search databases, interact with other systems, or initiate process workflows.

Simple Steps to Using OCR – OCR was introduced to make things easier. You don’t have to worry about complicated steps or rules. There are only three simple steps involved in using OCR:

Scan Document – Save in the desired format from the options provided by the scanning software Export directly to other applications (Word documents, spreadsheets, line-of-business applications such as ERP and CRM systems).

The added advantage of OCR is that it provides an option to run it automatically or manually. In the automated process, you can view the result with a single click until the output file is displayed on your computer screen. The manual function allows you to improve image quality with additional tools to improve the readability of the original document.

OCR for Business Operations – Many companies are migrating to digital media to expand the data resources used by their organizations or customers. OCR is specifically designed to help business organizations achieve higher data standards in manual storage processes.

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Some Notable Benefits Of OCR In Business

Quickly – A system that manually searches for important documents at critical moments is not only time consuming but can also lead to business losses. OCR technology is the easiest way to save a document on your system and easily locate it by typing the file name or search term in seconds. The OCR software is highly accurate and significantly reduces labor costs.

Quality – Accidents such as spills, natural disasters, or unforeseen events can ruin all efforts to manually save documents. OCR technology is a secure option for storing data without sacrificing quality. You can use manual settings such as desqueue, sharpening, and line removal to improve the quality and accuracy of your data. The processed material can be stored on the system or external device for future use.

Cost Effectiveness – Organizations can use OCR technology to reduce costs and increase business visibility. Companies can use the OCR technology already built into products like Effesoft to expand their operations beyond office premises. Once the data on the form is retrieved, the document becomes workable and the organization can handle it correctly.

Convertible Files – Organizations often receive various types of documents from customers and clients. Saving images instead of paper files using the scanning process is a commodity service today, but still requires high precision to retrieve the data in a document. For example, when processing mortgage files, it is important to accurately identify the document type and its associated metadata. Similarly, when processing an invoice for payment, an incorrect OCR value can be costly and unprofessional.

Mass Scan – Organizations need to process large amounts of important documents. These documents need to be processed efficiently to avoid backlog and to meet the internal requirements of the customers. Advanced automated systems like Ephesoft can support loudness levels very accurately.

The proliferation of businesses using OCR technology is a fact. Its many benefits have helped many companies to increase their production in the most efficient and promising ways. OCR has become a modern business necessity, and integrated solutions like Ephesoft allow companies to make the most of this technology at an affordable price.

Features of Web Based OCR Software

Web based optical character recognition (OCR) software is quite common today. This program basically acts as an efficient conversion tool from hard copy to soft copy. It works by mechanically scanning paper documents and effectively converting text into digital data.

Scanner and OCR Software – Scanners and OCR programs are two completely different pieces of software with very different purposes. You see, scanners are primarily used for images, not documents. When a document is scanned, the file is usually converted to a PDF or JPG file. On the other hand, OCR software can convert scanned documents to .DOC or .XLS. Basically, documents run against optical character recognition software are converted into encoded text that can be edited and saved.

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Main Functions of OCR

Main Functions of OCR – Web-based OCR software generally has certain features, such as:

  • Multiple Output Formats – The software should provide the user with multiple choices of output formats. The most important formats on the list include Adobe PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, RTF, HTML and Text Plain.
  • User Interface – Web based OCR programs should be efficient and easy to use. The user interface should be clear and concise, allowing individuals to learn the nuances of the program without extensive lessons.
  • Language Support – Comprehensive language support improves software accuracy and ensures users receive accurate encoding translations of their documents. The most important languages ​​that need to be included in OCR are English, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Latin, French, Greek and German. Of course, the scope of language support depends on the type of business you are involved in and the industry, market, and country you operate in.
  • Ability to process large files – OCR is commonly used for business purposes and is exposed to a large number of documents that need to be converted. Therefore, it is important that the program can fully process multiple documents at once. At a minimum, you should be able to process one document in a short amount of time.
  • Reliability – Since the system is web-based, users need to ensure that OCR does not crash frequently. This is especially true when there is a need for online programs to work with a large number of documents. Ideally, the software should be able to process dozens of papers without freezing.
  • Customer Support – Of course, customer support is extremely important when using web-based OCR software. Be sure to find a provider who provides support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows users to contact their provider whenever a problem arises.

Of course, these are not the only features of web-based OCR software. The program has more or less features, depending on the provider. This is why it is recommended that one browse through the different programs and compare them to each other before making a final choice. Remember to consider the price of the service and what other customers have to say about the program.

Advantages of OCR

So while you may have an idea of ​​OCR and what the benefits of OCR are, you may want to know more. OCR or optical character recognition is not well known, but it has been used in some form for about 30 years, but it is getting more and more attention these days. This is mainly due to the significant improvement in accuracy.

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OCR is defined as a computer process that can read and translate characters found in flat documents such as PDF and JPG files, convert that data into a computer-readable and readable format, and of course delete it on its own. For simplicity, we will extract and create the text data that we have imported into the document so that we can search, copy, paste and edit it.

OCR is commonly used by document scanning companies that convert large amounts of documents every day for large and small companies that want their collection of documents to be a paperless collection. The problem with paperlessness is that without OCR, digital documents are just flat files and there is no way to find or find important information in them. That’s why OCR is a popular choice in this process. OCR is also used by anyone who wants to convert physical books and magazines into digital files.

Not only is OCR very convenient, but in most cases it is also a relatively inexpensive process for achieving automated processes that can be run using computer software.

OCR software is marketed at different prices and with different results. Inexpensive software has a low success rate for OCR engines, so accuracy is not very high and the benefits of OCR are diminished. Also, on both Android and iOS platforms, the number of mobile-based applications that allow users to scan and scan OCR files from their mobile phones is increasing, but these also make the quality of OCR terrible as well as scanning. There is a possibility. .. Current date.

Professional OCR providers and document scanning companies use very expensive and accurate software or develop their own very expensive processes, but if you can provide high accuracy, you can get good results. .. Usually, the current exact number of professional companies is 75-98% accurate, which is arguably one of the best numbers ever. Most OCR engines have been able to read standard fonts over the last few hundred years, so most documents that are clean, undamaged, or overly yellow are highly accurate. However, not all of these make OCR an expensive process.

In addition to what we’ve already discussed, the benefits of OCR include a significant increase in efficiency by allowing you to search for documents instead of looking at physical paper-based documents. This will save you time and money. One of the other benefits of OCR is that it is known to boost employee morale by streamlining the work process and making it easier to process.

OCR is a very convenient process, whether you’re a large company looking to digitize or want to convert a book into a readable format on your computer or tablet device.

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