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What Is .Net And Its Uses – Best Info .NET

What Is .Net And Its Uses | What Are .NET And Its Features? | What Is .NET For Beginners?

What Is .Net And Its Uses – .Net .Net – .Net, these words have made their place in a good part of the mind of programmers already programming and people who want to do programming. After all, what is this .Net? Is .Net an innovation from Microsoft? What are its features? Is it necessary to know and learn it? Let us discuss the fundamental points of .Net in this article.

What is the relation between .Net and the internet? – There is nothing but a very deep relation between .Net and the internet. .Net is named after the period of the top-level domain of the World Wide Web, i.e. Dot. It would not be wrong to call it a programming language with dot com or Visual Basic with dot com. Programming in these languages has been internalized.

What is .Net?

.Net is a programming language. Not at all. Then what is it? .Net is a platform according to which Microsoft has developed many languages, the languages that follow this platform is called .Net programming languages. We can also call it the code of conduct of programming languages, on which it is necessary to understand the codes of .Net while working.

Why .Net?

Suppose you are working on a project that requires exceptional excellence and you invite people from different corners of the world to work on this project. People come, among them an American, a French, a Spaniard, a German, a Japanese, an Arab, and some Indians. All are equally important to you. Everyone has to take some work. The difficulty is that everyone’s language is different. What solution would you have to use everyone’s extraordinary abilities without changing their language? There is only one solution.

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Everyone will have the freedom to work in their way, but you have to understand everyone’s way of working. So that you can understand and manipulate them and tell them to the people ahead. Microsoft developed this method in the form of .Net. And that’s why .Net is there. If you have been programming before, you would know how difficult it was to develop a program combining two different languages, for example, BASIC and C++. Even in Microsoft Visual Basic and C++, it was not easy. Looking at all these, Microsoft developed the .Net Framework.

The .Net Framework acts as an intermediate level between the operating system and the programs you write. Doing this solves two major programming problems. It helps different programming languages to keep pace with each other. Programming languages in .Net framework instead of making direct access with computer operating system i.e. instead of storing string and numbers in the operating system itself, .Net stores it on the computer in its way. As a result, you can develop your programs in two different .NET languages with peace of mind.

The solution to the second problem is that its wide distribution is possible. The programs you run today, developed in Visual Basic or C, run on the ones that are stored on the hard disk of your machine. Programs developed on VB.NET can be easily distributed over the Internet or LAN (Local Area Network). You can save it on any computer in the world and access it from any computer connected to that network provided .Net Framework is available on it.

What Is .Net And Its Uses | What is .NET used for? | what is net framework in c#

What Is .Net And Its Uses | What Are .NET And Its Features? | What Is .NET For Beginners?
What Is .Net And Its Uses | What Are .NET And Its Features? | What Is .NET For Beginners?
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What is .Net? Uses and Functions | What is .Net?, Where is .Net used?

What are .NET and its features?

  1. .Net Framework is a platform by Microsoft for programmers where you can build applications that include unimaginable visual user experience, and crackles secure communication. As well as the ability to model a range of business processes. The .Net Framework provides you with a comprehensive and immutable programming model and a common set of APIs that give you the freedom to develop applications the way you want. With its help, you can implement software, services, and devices in your desired language.
  2. Visual Basic.Net or VB.NET is the Microsoft .Net Framework version of Visual Basic. Visual Basic is a .Net object-oriented programming language. With the help of VB.NET, you can develop large-scale applications without worrying about whether you are proficient in programming or not.
  3. Namespaces are used to create logical groups of similar classes and interfaces that can be used by any language that targets the .Net Framework.
  4. .Net Framework library or class library is a collection of frequently used classes that are linked with common language runtime.
  5. Ability to exchange and use information by two different systems or components this capability is called interoperability.
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The full form of MSIL is Microsoft Intermediate Language. It is also known as IL or Intermediate Language. It is also sometimes referred to as Common Intermediate Language.

.Net framework is built on two main parts. These two parts are Common Language Runtime and .Net Framework Class Library. The Common Language Runtime is the foundation and cornerstone of the .Net Framework. The runtime is an agent that implements memory management, thread management, and remoting, as well as various forms of strict type safety and code accuracy, to organize the code during execution. Which encourages security and strength.

  • The four roles of Common Language Runtime are Garbage Collection, Code Testing, and Code Access Protection Translation from language to local language.

It is generally said that Visual Basic.NET is an advanced version of Visual Basic. This is true to some extent, but there is a lot of difference in the style of both, so a Visual Basic programmer will need to learn .Net to work on .Net. So it can be said that backward compatibility will have to be given up if it works.

  • .Net framework and programs developed in .Net languages have the same relation as ice and polar bear.
  • The most important thing about .Net is that it provides a platform to work on more than one language for development along with being secure. Developers and IT experts trust .Net as a powerful and hardworking software development technology that not only provides you with security advancements, and management tools but also helps you to build highly reliable and secure software. As needed to test and deploy Also updates.
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The literal meaning of framework is the structure that gives shape and support. It also has another meaning of social system and system. In light of these meanings, it can be said that .Net Framework is a framework that provides shape, form, and support to programming.

.Net Question & Answer

Question- What is the relation between .Net and the internet?

Answer – There is nothing but a very deep relation between .Net and the internet. .Net is literally on top of the world wide web.

The period of the top-level domain is named after the dot itself. It would not be wrong to call it a programming language with dot com or Visual Basic with dot com. Programming in these languages has been internalized.

Question- Can you develop a program by combining VB.NET and Java?

Answer – No. VB.NET and JAVA both follow different environments. You can only use languages that are .Net compatible with your programs. You can use C Sharp (C#) to play the role of Java.

Question- Can you name some VB.NET compatible languages?

Answer – Yes. The names of these languages are Visual Basic, C Sharp, C ++, J Sharp, ASP. .Net, and Ada.

Question- Can you run programs developed in .Net languages on Microsoft Windows operating system, Linux or Mac operating system can run on?

Answer – The answer to this is both yes and no. You can run programs developed in .Net languages on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Although not all. For example, versions before Windows XP do not support the .Net Framework. Similarly, Linux and Mac also do not support it. But in the future, if there is synchronization with Mac, Windows, and Linux then it is possible.

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