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What Is Monitor And Types Of Monitor – Best Information

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What Is Monitor And Types Of Monitor – Best Information

What Is Monitor And Types Of Monitor This output device is also called a monitor. It is like television in view, but the structure of TV is such that if there are more than 40 characters in a line, they start getting unclear. Computer monitors are specially made in which even 80 characters in a line are clearly displayed. They are somewhat smaller in size than a television because they cannot be kept at a great distance while working like a TV.

What Is Monitors, like televisions, are equipped with controls for brightness, balance, and color, so that the picture-10-visual display unit, i.e., monitor display, can be accurately controlled. Interchange of information between computer and monitor

The monitor is powered by a multiwire cable, the other end of which is plugged into a socket on the back of the computer’s system unit. In addition, the monitor has to supply electrical energy separately; Whose wire is different. Many system units also have a socket on the back to power the monitor. By using this socket, it is convenient to switch off the power switch of the cable system unit that automatically turns off the monitor.

If this socket is not available, a separate 230 V power supply is provided to the monitor. There is two types of monitors, monochrome i.e. of one color, and color i.e. colored. Monochrome monitors are used only for text work and for creating a variety of pictures. Some time ago monitors used to display green letters on dark screens, but now ‘Soft White’ i.e. soft white type of screens is in vogue. In this, letters and pictures are shown in black and white only. In color monitors, text or graphic output is displayed in its original colors.

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Due to the expansion of the Internet, color monitors are more in vogue these days. When the monitor is colored, the website is displayed on the monitor screen in its original colors while surfing the Internet. Resolution i.e. the clarity of the display on the screen is an important characteristic of any display unit.

In most display units, the display is displayed on the screen by the flashing of small dots. These small dots are called pixels. This word is a combined form of two words Picture and Element. The number of pixels in the unit area of ​​the display unit’s screen is the measure of resolution. The more pixels on the screen, the higher the resolution of the screen and the clearer the display on the screen. The number of pixels in columns and rows is used to indicate the resolution of the display unit.

What Is Monitor And Types Of Monitor

What Is Monitor And Types Of Monitor – Best Information
What Is Monitor And Types Of Monitor – Best Information
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What Is Monitor And Types – For example, if the resolution of the display on a monitor screen is 800 by 600 pixels, it means that the display is getting 800 columns and 600 rows on the screen. A column is made up of 600 pixels and a row is made up of 800 pixels. In the early times, display devices were only possible to display characters, that is, these characters were addressable. CPU of computer Each character sent by was made up of the same size and a certain number of pixels.

As the demand for graphic displays grew, the performance on the display unit also improved, and the display of text and graphics on the monitor screen became more uniform. The technique used to display the graphic output is called bit mapping. In this technique each pixel of the graphic is controlled by the operator and the operator displays the graphic of any shape on the monitor screen.

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Video display unit i.e. TV in monitor Similar to the cathode ray tube (CRT) is used. It is relatively inexpensive and is capable of producing excellent color output. Now a new technology has been developed for display devices, in which charged chemicals and gases are combined between glass plates. These display devices are lightweight and consume less electricity.

These display devices are used in laptop computers and are called flat-panel display devices. The display in this device is from Liquid Crystal Display technology. Its resolution is lower than that of CRT technology, due to which the clarity of the output is relatively less.

Two other technologies have also been developed for flat-panel displays – the gas plasma display (GPD) and the electroluminescent display (EL). The resolution in GPD and EL is better than the LCD technology, but due to its expensive, these techniques have not yet become popular. CRT works on the principle of raster graphics. Air is removed from it to establish a vacuum.

Its The electron beam is emitted from the thinner part at the rear to the wider part in front. Its broad side is covered with a coating of phosphorus, which produces light when electrons collide. A pixel is activated by the collision of an electron beam. Multiple electrons colliding at the same point can consume the phosphorus in that location, so the electron beam travels in the shape of Z and activates the pixels across the screen. The propagation of the electron beam in figure 7 is called a raster. A pixel flashes about 30 times in a second i.e. active i.e. turns on and goes to inactive i.e. off.

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What Is Monitor

The activation and deactivation of pixels is called refreshing of pixels. What Is Monitor – Digital Monitors It is the presence and absence of voltage that turns the pixels on and off. In modern analog monitors, the clarity of each pixel can be controlled with an electron beam. It is not necessary to use raster in all types of CRTS. Modern CRTS use vector graphic techniques, which are used to display animations, movies, etc. on a monitor screen.

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