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What is Input Devices Of Computer | Input Devices Definition – Best Info

What is Input Devices Of Computer | Input Devices Definition – Best Info

What is Input Devices Of Computer All the devices which are used to enter data and instructions into the computer are called input devices. It can also be said that the devices used to convert the data or program being entered in human language into a computer understandable form are called input devices. These devices convert letters, numbers and other special symbols into binary digits i.e. 0 and 1 for CPU. makes it understandable. The most commonly used device for input is the keyboard.

Mainly the keyboard is used for input in computers, but some other input devices are also used.

are available, which are as follows-

(i) Mouse

(ii) Tracker Ball

(iii) Light Pen

(iv) Joystick

(v) Hand-Held Terminal

(vi) Bar-code Recognition


(viii) Scanner

(ix) Mike

All input devices from serial numbers (i) to (v) are used to mark a symbol on the monitor screen, hence they are called Pointing Devices. Microphone is also used as an input device. With this we can enter our voice in the form of data in the computer. In definition, the devices with the help of which information is transmitted to the computer are called input or input devices. The introduction of the major input devices is as follows

What is Input Devices Of Computer | Input Devices Definition – Best Info
What is Input Devices Of Computer | Input Devices Definition – Best Info
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What Is Key-Board

Input Devices Key-Board -The keyboard of a computer is similar to the keyboard of a normal typewriter, but the number of ‘keys’ in it is relatively more. The buttons on the keyboard of the computer are pressed much easier than the buttons on the typewriter, which reduces fatigue even after working for a long time. Apart from this, it also has one other feature. If a key is held down for more than half a second, it repeats itself. This action is called typematic.

Typmatic has a rate of 10 Times/Second. For example, a long dotted line can be drawn by simply holding down the dotted key on the keyboard. There are two types of CPUs by converting the data to be entered by the keyboard into keyboard 0 and 1 key bits. Can be sent in series or parallel order. On this basis there are two types of keyboards – serial keyboard and parallel keyboard.

1- Serial keyboard – This keyboard transmits the data to be entered by the 0 and 1 key bits to the computer in a bit-by-bit sequence through a single wire. 2- Parallel keyboard – This keyboard transmits the data to be entered, 0 and 1 key bits simultaneously to the computer with the help of separate wires. The characters of the ‘keys’ pressed by the keyboard encoder located on the keyboard are converted into a code composed of 0 and 1 key bits. The keyboard is connected to the computer by a cable.

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What Is Cursor

Input Devices Cursor – A small flickering line is displayed on the screen of the monitor. This line shows the location where the typed character will be displayed on the screen. This is called the cursor. Sometimes while showing more information i.e. while scrolling, the information jumps up on the monitor panel rapidly and is not readable. Pressing the Scroll Lock key once stops scrolling and the corresponding LED lights up. Pressing the Scroll Lock key again resumes scrolling.

What Is Scrolling

Input Devices Scrolling – On pressing any ‘key’ on the keyboard, its letter appears at the cursor position and the cursor moves forward one place. When the line is completed, the cursor moves to the beginning of the next line in front of it. While typing, when the monitor screen is full and the next line begins, the top line disappears and the rest of the lines slide up one line.

Makes room for the bottom line. This action is called scrolling. When scrolling, the top lines disappear one by one and the next lines appear below.

Cursor movement keys are marked with arrows. They are used to move the cursor left, right, up and down on the screen. They move the cursor one line or one character at a time. Apart from this, other cursor movement keys are Home, End, Pg Up, Pg Dn. The Home key is used to move the cursor to the beginning of a line and the End key is used to move the cursor to the end of the line. Pg Up ‘key’ is used to move the cursor down the page i.e. to the next page.

What Is Mouse

Input Devices Mouse – It is also called micromouse. The mouse is shaped like a plastic mouse. The mouse used with a personal computer has a ‘ball’ attached to it. It consists of two wheels located at right angles to the axis. When these wheels are running, electrical pulses are generated from the electronic shaft encoder attached to their axis. When the mouse is moved, an electrical pulse is produced. These vibrations go to the computer’s memory.

from where instructions are given to the visual display unit (screen) according to these vibrations. These instructions are followed by the cursor on the screen. As the mouse hovers over the drawing, the cursor moves across the screen and the drawing continues on the screen. There are push buttons on the mouth or side of the mouse, from which a variety of commands can be given.

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Earlier there were only two buttons in the mouse, later three buttons were used in it. With the expansion of the Internet, the middle button of the mouse was replaced by a roller. By rotating this roller, the window in Explorer can be scrolled up or down. That’s why this type of mouse is called scroll mouse. Modern optical mouse do not have ball and roller. The sensor in it detects the displacement of the mouse in any direction with the help of light and displaces the mouse pointer on the monitor screen according to this displacement.

What Is Tracker Ball

Input Devices Tracker Ball – This pointing device is like an inverted mouse, in that the ball is pointed up just opposite the mouse. The tracker can move the ball around. Tracker Ball is specially made for kids by which they can play games on computer. on laptop computers

Tracker ball only. The stick is mounted on a socket-like base under which is the printed circuit board, which Converts the mechanical movements of the stick into electrical pulses by analog method.

What Is Light Pen

Input Devices Light Pen – It is used to send pictures to the computer. If any picture has to be made in the computer, then the figure is drawn with a light pen and that figure starts appearing on the monitor screen. It is mainly used in designing.

What Is Joystick

Input Devices Joystick – This device is used in video games. It is an electro-mechanical device. The upper part of the joystick is similar to a handle or stick, which can be rotated in the socket below it. The object is displaced from its position on the monitor screen in the same direction as it is rotated. Joysticks are used in many video games. If this video game is installed on a PC, using the cursor movement ‘keys’ on the keyboard usually does the same thing as rotating the joystick handle.

What Is Hand-Held Terminal

Input Devices Hand-Held Terminal – It is an electronic device, which is generally similar in appearance and size to a normal calculator. This input device can be used anywhere, so storage capacity and power battery facility is provided in it. Signals can be entered in this device with the help of ‘keys’, with the help of light pen or by barcode scanner.

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What Is Bar-code Recognition

Input Devices Bar-code Recognition  – It is mainly used to read the information related to the production of the commodity. These signals are placed on any object in a particular way.

method is written by There are vertical lines in this view, which are the same height, but their thickness is different. In

Bar-code lines can be read with the help of barcode scanner or light pen. The lines thus read display the information related to that commodity and the production of that commodity on the output device.

What Is OMR, OCR and MICR

Input Devices OMR, OCR and MICR – The full names of OMR are Optical Mark Reader. It is a device that checks for the presence of a pencil or pen mark on any paper. This is the latest method to check the answer sheet of any exam. Questions in the question paper of these exams are optional. In this, the candidate has to fill the box of the desired answer with a pencil from the given number of options as an answer to the question. The answer sheet sheet so marked is highlighted and the reflected light is checked.

The full form of OCR is Optical Character Recognition. It is a technique in which the standard characters of OCR are recognized by comparing them among the printed characters. The OCR-A and OCR-B fonts located in the computer are called OCR standard. In computer, they are identified by OCR standard font. The normal speed of this device is about 1500 to 3000 characters per second.

The full forms of MICR is Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. This device is used to read checks in banks. The amount on the check is printed with a special type of ink. Wherever this ink is used, magnetized particles become present at that place. These particles generate electric current when the MICR reader reads these checks. With the help of this electric current, MICR reader reads the amount of the check.

What Is Scanner

Input Devices Scanner – A scanner is used to input a graphic image into a computer. There are three types of scanners based on size and usage – handy scanners, flatbed scanners and drum scanners. A handy scanner is shown in the figure-8 given below. This scanner is placed on the desired graphic image and dragged from top to bottom. While dragging it, the button given on its side is pressed, due to which a light flashes while moving the image in it.

What Is Mike

Input Devices Mike – With the introduction of multimedia in the computer, input can also be done by speaking into the mic in the computer. The sound is converted into electronic signals using a mic. The computer converts these electronic signals into binary codes. The computer then converts these binary codes into electronic signals and transmits them to the speakers with the help of wires. Nowadays there are many such softwares available in the market, in which computer users can type text only by speaking.

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