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What Is Email Marketing – Best Information

What Is Email Marketing – And How To Do Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing – One of the biggest mistakes most marketers make these days is to think that email marketing is over. Today, many marketers are abandoning their email marketing plans to use social media. Please try to imagine. Social media is much better than email. But are social media posts really as effective as email? Before answering this question, let’s point out some well-known facts. It’s easier to send a friend request on Facebook than to collect emails online. But believe me, email marketing is three times as much as social media marketing. So what is email marketing?

Email marketing is about targeting customers through email. Any email sent to a potential customer can be considered email marketing. Email marketing involves sending promotional emails or advertisements to your subscribers. Through his email address. Many organizations today use email marketing. For example, if you’ve visited a website, do you see a field that asks you to send a name and email to receive free ebooks and updates? This is the next part of email marketing.

Most bloggers use email marketing to improve their customer experience. With targeted mailing lists, you can reach existing and potential customers. Certain customers are better and easier to be notified by email. Emails are more visible than Facebook posts. Facebook posts drown in content streams within minutes of posting.

What Is Email Marketing

What Is Email Marketing – And How To Do Email Marketing
What Is Email Marketing – And How To Do Email Marketing
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Do You Really Need Email Marketing?

If you want to improve the customer and reader experience, you need email marketing. Forget the charm and charm of social media marketing. We will talk about efficiency here. We are talking about greater involvement. More reach. Improved click rate, etc. As many experienced marketers say, “money is on the list.” Some even say, “Your net worth depends on your network.” The following lines describe the benefits of email marketing. These descriptions use statistics. The site that produced these statistics is described at the end of this article. Now let’s look at the benefits of using email marketing.

Potential Reach-Did you know that in 2021, about 6.2 billion email accounts were created worldwide? 95% of online consumers use email addresses. The most interesting facts are: 91% of these consumers check their email accounts at least once a day. Today, we are browsing more from mobile phones than from computers. As a result, you will be more likely to receive notifications when you receive an email. Our phone stores information in front of you.

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Today, it’s easier to check your email than to post on Facebook or Twitter. This is because millions of others do the same when posting content. As a result, finding a particular post that you liked three weeks ago is the hardest.

Real Access-Before we dive into this part in more detail, let’s take a look at some interesting numbers. The difference is this. 20% of emails sent during a campaign do not reach their destination. 6% of emails sent are sent to the spam folder. This makes up 26% of the emails sent and does not actually reach the intended recipients.

On the other hand, 78% of emails sent during an email campaign actually reach their destination. Think of it this way. If you send 1000 emails, 800 emails will be sent to the recipient. In addition, 90% of recipients check their email daily. This means that about 800 recipients will actually see your email. This is very efficient as less than 30% of the emails sent will be lost.

Now let’s compare these numbers with those for Facebook campaigns done in a similar way. This shows that 74% of Facebook posts are actually lost in large content streams. This is a problem. This means that for every 1000 Facebook posts, you will lose 750 in your content stream. This will allow the target audience to view 250 posts. Another bad thing is that not everyone who sees the content actually clicks through. In reality, less than half is enough. This will reduce the number of people who are really interested in our offer to less than 150.

Click-through rate – In the previous point, we talked about the percentage of people who liked your post or email. Now let’s talk about people who actually perform tasks and do what you want to do. Suppose you click the link. This link may take you to a landing page or website.

Clickthrough rate is the percentage of people who received a message and actually clicked on it. The clickthrough rate for tweets is 0.5%, compared to 3% for emails. This number to be small at first. However, this means that people click on email links six times more often than tweet links.

Continue to use the example of 1000 emails and 1000 social media posts. A clickthrough rate of 0.5% means around 1000, and 5 people actually click on your link. This is for social media. CTR can be high, but that’s a special case. The numbers used here are averages.

A 4% clickthrough rate in email means 40 clicks per 1,000 times. This is the highest CTR you get on average. The numbers aren’t surprising, but the efficient numbers aren’t always amazing. The difference is that when people give you their email address, they actually want to hear more from you.

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How Readers Want- Most people use social media to communicate with their friends first. They are rarely used to receive business news and reviews. There is a special website for this. During an online survey, 80% of users said they prefer to receive promotional messages via email. 10% said they liked these messages on social media. It speaks to the fact that by sending emails, people literally give you a meeting place for your business.

Email is private-  It’s easier for readers to express their concerns privately and privately. Not everyone is comfortable when it comes to openly expressing their shortcomings. What does he do when a user wants to express his struggles and he can’t see you? He will write you an email. Then he can tell you everything. You can answer him specifically.

Email Marketing and Newsletter – If you want to claim your online presence, you want to use email. In addition, this is suitable if you want to improve the reader’s experience. Setting up an email marketing campaign doesn’t have to be really expensive. Some services, such as MailChimp, offer free service to the first 2000 customers.

How Email Marketing Can Help Your Business Succeed

Email marketing is by no means a new concept, but many companies have not yet embraced this marketing concept as it should. Email marketing also has many concerns, including:

  • Isn’t my email considered spam?
  • Is this a waste of time?
  • Finally, does this help my business so much?

Some companies will say that the time they spend on email marketing isn’t worth it, and the profits they get from it don’t start to pay off for the time they invest. The truth is, when it comes to marketing, most studies show that email marketing is superior to other marketing methods, including the use of social media. This does not mean excluding other trading methods, as a sound trading plan uses a variety of trading methods to achieve trading goals.

How Email Marketing Works

Email marketing is best thought of as any other marketing method, except for the use of printers, paper and ink. You can also send emails informing you of new sales and new items, or distribute coupons to your valued customers in the form of postcards, usually sent by email. The route they do this is to collect email addresses from current and potential customers. The best way to do this is to have an archive area on your website. For example, a subpoena box that allows a customer or potential customer to sign up for an email offer. This allows you to legally obtain an email address and use it to send email marketing materials.

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Some companies offer a large email list. However, there are risks that need to be discussed. You need to understand that you can only send an email to someone who has the authority to send this email. Therefore, purchasing an email address is not always the best option. Please note that the United States has the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, which details what companies can and cannot do with email marketing.

Understanding the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act

There are some rules to keep in mind when sending email marketing materials you need to know:

1- Always make sure that your subject line is related to what you are writing and is not false or misleading in any way. For example, a suitable subject might be: Special Sale for Faithful Customers Only misleading subjects are: I won $ 100!

2- Also make sure the copy and sender are properly labeled. You need to make sure that your name or company name is shown so that the reader can see the sender of the message.

3- There should be an opt-out link at the end of the email. If you choose, you should provide your readers with the option to opt out of receiving email marketing messages.

4- All email communications sent in the form of advertisements must include this information in the communications. In addition, the email must include the address of the listed company.

Companies convicted of misusing marketing strategies via email can be fined up to $ 11,000. To make matters worse, they can lose the right to send emails or own the website due to infringement.

Types Of Email Marketing

You can email almost anything to your customers or potential customers. In most cases, companies using email marketing can fall into one of three categories:

1. Promotional Emails-These emails are intended to display ongoing promotions and encourage customers to purchase or purchase products for sale / low prices.

2. Regular Communication – These emails are intended as a way to stay in touch with your customers. It’s basically a way to reach and retain your customers and stimulate your brand’s loyalty.

3. Advertising Emails– These are similar to promotional emails, but can be sent as colored postcard-type emails with sparse information showing only advertising. Example: 40% off online shopping: only today!

How Email Marketing Can Help

it’s simple. Email marketing is a way to reach existing customers and find new ones. There are five key aspects to which email marketing can help.

1. Email marketing can increase the sales you are looking at.

2. Through email marketing, we ensure that your business is always in the minds of consumers.

3. You can verify that your customer is a repeater by using email.

4. This will help establish that you are doing business for a particular product or service.

5. Send emails to build and maintain customer relationships.

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