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What Is Computer Networking – Best Information

What Is Computer Networking ? | What Are The Types Of Computer Networking-  Best Information

What Is Computer Networking – Computer networking is the process of sharing data and shared resources between two or more connected computers. Shared resources may include printers, fax modems, hard disks, CD-DVD ROMs, databases, and data files.

A computer network can be divided into a small or local area network, an office building (LAN), a medium network (MAN), a network between two offices in a city, and a wide network (WAN). Between computers. The network between computers can be thousands of miles away, one local and the other in another part of the world.

WAN connectivity is achieved by a network device called a “router”. The Internet is the largest WAN network in the world, with millions of computers around the world connected to each other.

Networking is the way two or more computers or devices are connected to each other. Connectivity can be wired or wireless. As described above, a computer network can be classified into several types depending on the geographical area.

There are two major types of computer networks: client-server and peer-to-peer. In client server computing, a computer plays an important role in what is known as a server, where it stores data in the form of files, web pages, docs or spreadsheets, files, videos, databases, and resources.

All other computers on the client / server network are called clients and receive data from the server. All computers play the same role in a peer-to-peer network, and no computer acts as a centralized server. The client-server network model is in major use in major businesses around the world.

A network topology defines the structure, layout, or layout of a network. There are different topologies such as bus, ring, star, mesh and hybrid. Star topology is the mostly common used network topology. In star topology, all the computers in a network are connected to a centralized device, such as a hub or switch. Thus a star-like structure is formed. If the hub / switch fails for any reason, all connectivity and communication between the computers on the network will be cut off.

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In networks, computers and network devices use a common communication language, called a protocol. The most commonly used and popular protocol on the Internet, at home and on other networks is called TCP / IP. TCP / IP is not a single protocol, but it is a suite of several protocols.

What Is Computer Networking

What Is Computer Networking -  Best Information
What Is Computer Networking – Best Information
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A network can be wired or wireless and the TCP / IP protocol can work on both types of networks. Data flow on computer networks can be divided into seven logical layers called the OSI Layers Model, which was developed by Intel and Xerox Corporation and is ISO standardized.

1. Application layer

2. Presentation layer

3. Session layer

4. Transport layer

5. Network layer

6. Data Link Layer – (a) Media Access Control Sub-layer (b) Logical Link Control Sub-layer

7. Physical layer.

A network can be divided into different scales and categories depending on the needs and geographical location of the network. Computer networks can be divided into local area networks, individual area networks, campus area networks, wireless local area networks, metropolitan area networks, and wide area networks.

There are several network connection methods, including HomePNA, Power Line Communication, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi connection methods. A network can be classified into several types based on the services such as server farm, storage area network, value control network, and value added network. Network, Soho network, wireless network.

Types Of Computer Networks

There are different types of computer networking that you may need for your home and office. You have the option of wired or wireless computer network to get started. These types of networks are different. A wired computer network may have copper or fiber optic cabling between computers, while a wireless network uses radio waves and / or microwaves to maintain communication channels.

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The client / server network works with client tools, usually PCs with network software applications that request and receive information over the network. Server tools usually store files and databases and include more sophisticated applications such as websites. These devices often have high-power central processors, more memory, and larger disk drives than client devices. Two examples of client / server systems contain web browsers and servers.

What Is Computer Networking – Best Information

In addition to these types of networks, there are also area networks. These are classified based on their size or scale. Some area network types include:



WLAN – Wireless Local Area Network- LAN based on WiFi wireless network technology

MAN – Metropolitan Area Network – A network that is larger in physical area than a LAN but smaller than a city-like WAN. A man is generally owned and operated by a single entity, such as a government agency or large corporation.

CAN – Campus Area Network – A network that spans multiple LANs, but is smaller than a MAN, such as a university or local business campus.

Storage Area Network – Connects servers to data storage devices through technologies such as fiber channels.

System Area Network – Connects high performance computers with high speed connections in a cluster configuration.

LAN and WAN were real divisions of area networks, but due to the ever-changing field with the development of technology we were forced to add more and more types.

A LAN network connects devices over relatively short distances. This may include a building with a LAN, a school or a house. Sometimes a building has a few small LANs, on the other hand a LAN may extend to a group of nearby buildings. A WAN extends a great distance. The Internet is the largest WAN because it covers the earth. A network device called a router connects the LAN to the WAN. These are not generally owned by an organization such as LANs, but by a distribution ownership and management system.

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Computer Network Overview

Computer networking or data communication is the most important part of information technology. Every business in the world today needs a computer network for smooth operation, flexibility, instant communication and data access. Imagine how difficult it would be for university campuses, hospitals, multinational corporations, and educational institutions to communicate without a network. In this article you will learn about the basic overview of computer networks.

The target audience for this article is people who want to know about network communication systems, network standards and types.

A computer network consists of connectivity tools and components. Sharing data and resources between two or more computers is called networking. There are different types of computer networks, such as LAN, MAN, WAN, and wireless networks. Hubs, switches, routers, modems, access points, LAN cards and network cables are the main components that make up the infrastructure of a computer network.

LAN refers to a local area network, and a network within a room or building or a short distance away is called a LAN. MAN stands for Metropolitan Area Network and covers networking between two offices within a city. WAN stands for Wide Area Network and includes networking between two cities, two countries, or two or more computers between two continents.

There are different topologies of computer networks. A topology defines the physical layout or design of a network. These topologies are Star Topology, Bus Topology, Mesh Topology and Star Bus Topology. In star topology, every computer on a network is directly connected to a centralized device called a hub or switch. If a computer encounters a problem with Star Topology, it will not affect other computers on the network.

What Is Computer Networking

Computer networks have different standards and tools. Ethernet is the most commonly used standard for local area networks. The main devices in a computer network are hubs, switches, routers, modems, and access points. The router is used to connect two different logical and physical networks. All communication on the Internet is router based. Hubs / switches are used to connect computers to a local area network.

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