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What Is Computer Keyboard And Its Function – Best Info

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What Is Computer Keyboard And Its Function – Best Info

Computer Keyboard – Computer Keyboard Keys And Their Functions – The keyboard of a computer is similar to the keyboard of a normal typewriter, but the number of ‘keys’ in it is relatively more. The buttons on the keyboard of the computer are pressed much easier than the buttons on the typewriter, which reduces fatigue even after working for a long time. Apart from this, it also has one other feature. If a key is held down for more than half a second, it repeats itself. This action is called typematic.

Typmatic has a rate of 10 Times/Second. For example, a long dotted line can be drawn by simply holding down the dotted key on the keyboard. There are two types of CPUs by converting the data to be entered by the keyboard into keyboard 0 and 1 key bits. Can be sent in series or parallel order. On this basis there are two types of Computer Keyboard – serial keyboard and parallel keyboard.

Computer Keyboard And Its Function

What Is Computer Keyboard And Its Function – Best Info
What Is Computer Keyboard And Its Function – Best Info
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Serial Keyboard

Serial Keyboard – This Computer Keyboard transmits the data to be entered by the 0 and 1 key bits to the computer in a bit-by-bit sequence through a single wire. This series is converted into parallel sequence with the help of a converter installed in the computer.

Parallel Keyboard

Parallel Keyboard – This Computer Keyboard transmits the data to be entered, 0 and 1 key bits simultaneously to the computer with the help of separate wires. The characters of the ‘keys’ pressed by the keyboard encoder located on the keyboard are converted into a code composed of 0 and 1 key bits. The keyboard is connected to the computer by a cable. The plug on the other end of this cable plugs into a socket on the back of the computer.

The communication between the computer and the keyboard is done through this cable. This cable is in the shape of a coil like a telephone wire and hence can be used by keeping the keyboard slightly away from the computer, at the most convenient place.

can be brought in Working on a keyboard in an uncomfortable position leads to fatigue, and also increases the chances of errors in entering data or data.

Compared to typewriters, computer keyboards have many additional ‘keys’ to perform a variety of tasks. The keyboard of a computer can be divided into four parts. On the top right side of the keyboard, there are three illumination LEDs. These LEDs light up when Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock in ‘keys’ are on. It is similar to the keyboard of computers for doing many types of work in comparison to typewriter.

It also has ‘keys’ in the same Qwerty sequence so that any person can type text material on it. These ‘keys’ are called alphanumeric ‘keys’. Enter or Return ‘key’ is the most important ‘key’ or this ‘key’ is marked with (1). On typing any character on the keyboard, it is immediately displayed on the monitor screen so that it is known whether the correct letter has been typed or not, this is called Echo Back.

For the computer, these typed characters do not have significance until the Enter ‘key’ is pressed. from Enter the computer tries to understand the meaning of that whole line and act accordingly. The Shift and Caps Lock ‘keys’ work just like such ‘keys’ in a typewriter. By pressing the Caps Lock ‘key’ once, the corresponding LED on the top right lights up and on typing, all capital letters are typed.

On pressing the Caps Lock key again, the keyboard returns to its previous normal position. Using the Shift ‘key’, the letter or symbol above the two letters or symbols above the ‘key’ is typed. Alt (Alternate) and Ctrl (Control) ‘keys’ also work like Shift ‘key’ but many other types of work can be done using these ‘keys’. These are called Action Keys and they are used only with a ‘key’ containing any letter or symbol.

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