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What Is A Computer System And Its Components | Best Computer System Definition

What Is A Computer System And Its Components | Best Computer System Definition

What is a computer system – The word system is derived from a Greek word systeema, which means the systematic relationship between the various divisions of any process. In any system, two or more elements are involved, which work together to fulfill the ultimate purpose. The divisions of any system are called ‘sub-systems’. A system can be said to be successful only if all its divisions Working jointly, they can produce more useful results than those divisions working separately.

In definition, a system is a group of divisions working together to achieve one or more goals. Similarly, computer also works as a system. Its various divisions are as follows-

Computer System And Its Components

What Is A Computer System And Its Components | Best Computer System Definition
What Is A Computer System And Its Components | Best Computer System Definition

Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware – Generally all those parts of the computer which can be seen and touched are called computer hardware. These mainly include mechanical, electrical and electronic divisions of computers. All the components inside and outside the computer, the input and output devices, etc. are all computer hardware.

Those devices of the computer, which are necessary to run the computer, are called standard devices, such as keyboard, floppy drive, hard disk etc. In addition to these devices, those devices, which are connected to the computer, are called peripheral devices. Computer hardware is formed by combining standard and peripheral devices.

Computer Software

Computer Software – Software is used to take work from the computer and its associated devices. These are those parts of the computer, which are neither visible to the eye nor can be touched. Computer software is a set of instructions written in computer languages, systematically and systematically, to make a computer work. Computer software is stored in storage devices. Thus, it can be said that computer software are those programs, which instruct the computer how to process the data and how to present the result obtained.

Computer Firmware

Computer Firmware – Hardware and software are jointly called firmware. The hardware in which the software is installed is called firmware.

Computer Skinware

Computer Skinware – Those parts or divisions of the computer, which do not need to open the computer for viewing, are called computer skinware, such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer etc.

Computer Humanware

Computer Humanware – All those human beings, who are related to computer in some way or the other, are called computer humanware. They are also called Computer Liveware, Computer Personnel or Computer User. When all the divisions of a computer system are functioning smoothly, then only that computer system will be able to function effectively. In the absence of any one of the divisions, the computer system will not be able to do its work.

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