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Unique Uses of Computer – Best Information

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Unique Uses of Computer – Best Information

Unique Uses of ComputerToday there is no such area of ​​our life left in which computer is not being used directly or indirectly. Let us now get information about some such unique experiments-

Computer in Astrology

Computer in Astrology- Computer has made its place in the field of astrology as well. Such software has also been prepared, with the help of which many types of horoscopes can be prepared by entering the correct information about the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth in the computer. There are complete astrology programs like Future Point, Kundali etc. With the help of these softwares, matching of horoscopes for marriage can also be done along with getting Varshaphal, Masphal etc.

Computer Robot

Unique Uses of Computer Computer Robot – Robot is commonly understood as ‘mechanical human’. In fact, a robot is a machine that can perform repetitive, monotonous, laborious or risky tasks for humans, but there is some difference between robots and automatic machines. Many such dangerous tasks, such as carrying very hot things around or handling radioactive materials, etc. can be easily done by robots. Robots equipped with many sensors and controlled by computers can also make changes in the process of doing their work in special circumstances. Robots are not necessarily the same size as humans.

The first robot to be used in industries was installed in the General Motors Company of America in 1961. Most robots are used in automotive manufacturing companies. With the use of computer technology in robots, artificial intelligence is being used in them. This has greatly increased the efficiency of robots and their decision making ability. Now they are being used for nuclear experiments and space missions.

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The main executive person in the American spacecraft ‘Viking-2’ sent to Mars was a robot, because there was no human in this vehicle. After the vehicle landed on Mars, the robot spread its arm, collected a sample of Mars soil by removing the rock and filling it in the capsule and carried out various chemical and other tests on it, as well as transmitted the results of this test to the scientists sitting on Earth. done.

Unique Uses of Computer

Unique Uses of Computer – Best Information
Unique Uses of Computer – Best Information
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Computerized Cars

Computerized Cars—Interactive driving systems are becoming increasingly popular in modern cars. This driving system has been possible only through computer. Apart from this, all the controls are operated by computer in state-of-the-art cars. These are: such as the car door opens automatically after detecting the car-owner’s voice, warning the appropriate amount of petrol in the car, providing a map of the road and city on which the car is moving, etc.

Computer In Bank

Computer In Bank – Bank is such an institution, where there is a lot of accounting work. Here the personal record that is created for each customer is very important. Initially, it was difficult to complete this task with the help of any bank employee even though the workload was less. Nowadays the work in banks has increased a lot, and now by the use of computers in banks, the work is easily completed in a short time without error.

Unique Uses of Computer – That is why earlier banks used to open for customers for a maximum of four hours, but now they have started opening for up to six hours and sometimes even longer. Often a large computer is installed in the head office of the bank and the subordinate branches are connected to it through terminals.

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The details of each customer’s account are always kept ready by the computer, they are updated from time to time immediately after changes in this account i.e. depositing or withdrawing money in the account. With modern banks now connected to the Internet, if a customer has deposited money in an account in Bhopal, then within a few minutes money can be withdrawn from that account in Chennai. ATMs launched by many banks Service is also an example of the Unique Uses of Computer in a bank.

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