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Programming Language – Best Programming Languages For Beginners

What Is Programming Language And Different Types | What Is Programming Language For Beginners

Programming Language – Programming is done to prepare the software. That is, the required commands are written in a specific order in a computer-understandable language to efficiently perform the desired task. That is, it informs the computer of the necessary requirements to perform the work from the computer. To do this, you need to use a special technique. This technique is called a computer language.

What Is Programming Language And How Many Types

What Is Programming Language And How Many Types – There are two types of computer languages

  • Low-level language
  • High-level language

Low-Level Language

The computer language used to create system software, utilities, assemblers, and compilers is called a low-level language. The BIOS (Basic I / O System), which tells you to use your computer’s input / output units from time to time, is a utility. These programs, which are used to check your computer’s hardware, give instructions, and provide file services, are called utilities such as PCTOOLS, NDD, QAPLUS, and Virus Scanners.

Types Low-Level Language

Types Low-Level Language – Mainly there are two types of low Level languages – Machine Language And Assembly Language.

1- Machine Language-This language consists only of two-digit combinations of 1’s and 0’s that are directly understandable by the computer. Every instruction in machine language consists of two parts. One is the operation code and the other is the location code. Order codes and status codes are represented in order from 0 to 1. Writing a program in this language was a very difficult task. If there were any mistakes left in the program written in this language, it was very difficult to find them.

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2- Assembly language-In this language, “mnemonic code” was used instead of machine keys. Machine code was also specified for each of these mnemonic codes, but the work of converting assembly code to machine code was done by a program assembler on the computer itself.

Programming Language - Best Programming Languages For Beginners
Programming Language – Best Programming Languages For Beginners
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High-Level Language

The program is written using English letters, numbers and pictures in a high-level language. It’s very easy for programmers to write programs in this language because they don’t have to convert to machine language (binary code) to write instructions. The main languages ​​of this type are BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN, PASCAL, and so on.

Types of High-Level Language

There are four types of High-Level Languages.

  1. Scientific Languages-ALGOL, BASIC, PASCAL, FORTRAN, etc. are the main scientific languages.
  2. Commercial Languages-PL / 1, COBOL, and DBASE are the main commercial languages.
  3. Major Special Purpose Languages ​​– APL360, LOGO, etc. are special purpose languages.
  4. Multipurpose Languages ​​– The BASIC language is a good example of a multipurpose language. Pascal and PL / 1 can be considered in this type of language.


Translator – The computer only understands the languages ​​of the binary system (0 and 1). Therefore, the computer first translates each message into a binary system and then completes its task. You need a program to run a computer, and as it was previously said that a computer only understands a binary system, you also need to program it in a binary system. However, this task is very difficult. Therefore, programmers use computer languages ​​that use the letters, numbers, and symbols of the English alphabet.

The computer cannot understand a program written this way. Therefore, the program uses translators to convert the letters, numbers, and symbols of the English alphabet into the binary system, the machine language. Translators are also programs that perform the task of translating a program from one language to another.

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Types of Translator

Program on your computer using machine, assembly, and high-level languages ​​to convert assembly and high-level languages ​​to machine language. There are three types:

1- Assembler

2- Compiler

3- Interpretation


Assembler – When high-level languages ​​for writing programs on computers were not invented, programs were used to write computer programs in assembly language. Any machine language and mnemonic code made from the English alphabet was used, and an assembler was needed to convert programs written in these assembly languages ​​into machine language. The assembler’s job was to translate programs written in assembly language into machine language.


Compiler – After assembly language, a high-level language for writing programs on a computer was invented. High-level languages ​​use the letters, numbers, and symbols of the English alphabet. When writing a complete program in a high-level language on a computer, you can convert the program written in the high-level language into machine language with the help of a compiler. The caveat here is that the compiler translates the entire program into machine language at once. If there is one mistake in the program, the program will not work.


Translator – The interpreter also acts like a compiler. The difference is that the compiler translates the entire program into machine language at once, and the interpreter translates each line of the program into machine language. The interpreter is loaded into memory before the program is written. GWBASIC is a good example of an interpreter.

Difference Between Compiler And Interpreter

The interpreter translates each line of a program written in a high-level language into machine language as soon as you enter it into your computer, and the compiler translates the entire program into machine language after you enter it.

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