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What is An Output Devices | Best Output Devices Of Computer

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What is An Output Devices | Best Output Devices Of Computer

Computer Output DevicesCPU The result produced is in the form of binary code (0 and 1), which cannot be directly understood. Output devices are used to convert this result into human language. The output device converts the computer generated result into simple language and uses it in the external environment. In the definition, it can be said that the devices from which the results obtained from the computer are presented, are called output or output devices. When output letters, symbols and numbers

This output is called text output. The output obtained in the form of pictures, photographs or drawings is called graphic output. The output received in the form of sound is called sound output. Resolution is used to measure the quality of text and graphic output. Resolution refer to the clarity of the output.

Output Devices Of Computer

What is An Output Devices | Best Output Devices Of Computer
What is An Output Devices | Best Output Devices Of Computer
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Following are the major output devices –

(i) Visual Display Unit

(ii) Printers

(iii) Plotters

(iv) Sound Card and Speakers

Visual Display Unit – Monitor

Visual Display Unit – MonitorThis output device is also called a monitor. It is like television in view, but the structure of TV is such that if there are more than 40 characters in a line, they start getting unclear. Computer monitors are specially made in which even 80 characters in a line are clearly displayed. They are somewhat smaller in size than a television because they cannot be kept at a great distance while working like a TV.

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Printer – The user can view the results obtained from the computer on the monitor screen, but there are many tasks where the display on the monitor screen alone is not enough, it needs to be printed on paper and for this purpose the output device printer is used. is done. The output printed on paper are called hard copy. The job of the printer is to convert the digital signals received from the computer into human understandable language, signs and pictures etc. and print them on paper in the form of hard copy.

Printer – Printer is such an output device that prints the information received from the computer on paper, but the output of information from the computer is very fast and the printer is not able to work as fast, so it becomes necessary that it The information can be stored somewhere in the printer. So the printer also has a memory. Information is sent from the computer to this memory of the printer, from where the information is extracted and printed slowly.

If the information received from the computer is so much that it cannot be stored in this repository, then a buffer is installed for this, which takes all the data from the computer in a second or two, from where it slowly goes to the printer. Following are the printing methods of the printer-


Plotters – Plotter is an output device on which drawings are made with the help of a needle or pen. It is used to prepare hard copies of charts, drawings, maps, etc. In this, a single color picture can be drawn with a pen. More than one pen is used to make a picture of many colors. Generally two types of plotters are used They are known as Flat Bed Plotter and Drum Plotter.

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Flat Bed Plotter – In this plotter relatively less width paper is used. In this plotter, the paper is laid, on which there is a rod. The plotter’s head is attached to this rod. The rod moves forward or backward on the paper and the head moves to the right or left. In this, the head moves in the X-axis and the rod moves in the Y-axis, hence it is also called X-Y plotter. The paper remains stationary in this plotter.

Drum Plotter- In this type of plotter the paper is mounted on a drum. This drum can rotate clock-wise and anti-clock wise. In this, a separate pen is used for each color on the head. This head slides in a horizontal direction. Its pen is controlled by the computer. Generally, fiber tip pens are used in plotters, but technical drafting pens are used in higher quality plotters. Four or more than four pens are used in multicolored plotters.

Voice Output Device

Voice Output Device – Sometimes on dialing the number on the telephone it is heard – ‘Please check the number you have dialed. Please check the number dialed. After repeating this message twice, the tone of Engage starts playing. We hear this message on the telephone with the help of a voice output device. By selecting words from a file of words already stored in the computer creates the message.

For this, the word store is stored by uttering many words on the computer. In this word store, the computer produces the message by adjusting the desired words according to the instructions of the program and the voice output device pronounces these messages with the help of speakers.

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