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How To Store Data In Memory | Best Method Of Storing Program In Memory

How To Store Data In Memory | Best Method Of Storing Program In Memory

How To Store Data In Memory-There are two ways to save a program in computer memory-SAM (Sequential Access Memory / And RAM (Random Access Memory).

SAM (Sequential Access Memory)

Sequential access memory (SAM) means sequential access memory, that is, sequential write or read. Just like recording a song on a cassette, if you want to hear the fifth song stored on the cassette, you need to transfer the first four songs first. Similarly, if your computer’s data is stored on magnetic tape, it will be written or read in the same way. This system’s storage method is called sequential access memory.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM-Random access memory means non-sequential memory, that is, writes and reads in any order. If you listen to a fifth song stored there, just as a song does not need to hear a sequence on a gramophone record, the gramophone needle is placed directly on that song and playback begins. Similarly, read and write computer programs on floppies. The computer’s internal memory, where C is stored, is always read and written in a non-sequential access manner. Therefore, both RAM and ROM. The IC is actually RAM.

Part Of Computer Memory

Part Of Computer Memory – Computers memory can be divided into mainly two parts-

  • Internal Memory
  • External Memory
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Internal Memory

Internal Memory- Previously, the only information provided about memory was about internal memory. The internal memory of a computer stored in an IC is also called semiconductor memory. The computer’s internal memory can be divided into two parts- How To Store Data In Memory:

  • Read-Only Memory
  • Read / Write Memory

Read-Only Memory

Read-only memory (ROM) is called that can read the output of the written program but cannot store the program. Programs are often stored in ROM by the computer manufacturer on the computer. The computer manufacturer keeps running from time to time and gives instructions to the operator as needed.

A program called the Basic I / O System (BIOS) is an example of ROM that serves to check and control assembly I / O devices when the computer is turned on. Initially, there was a ROM compulsion that computer makers once installed the program on this IC. But I couldn’t remove it or change its program, but later PROM) EPROM, I.C. There are various benefits created.

How To Store Data In Memory

How To Store Data In Memory | Best Method Of Storing Program In Memory
How To Store Data In Memory | Best Method Of Storing Program In Memory
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Programmable Read Only Memory (PROM)

Programmable Read Only Memory (PROM)- Programs can only be stored in this memory once, but cannot be deleted or modified. If this I.C. program is corrupted due to some electrical interference, this I.C. as a whole will only be useless.

Erasable Prom (EPROM)

Erasable Prom (EPROM)- This I.C. programs stored there can be erased via Ultra Violal Rays. As a result, this I.C. can be used again. If the program was saved a long time ago and you want to delete and save the new program in that location, this task will be performed in this I.C. But it is possible. However, since erasing is done with ultraviolet rays, a special device called an IC is required to perform this work. Programmer (I.C. programmer).

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Electrically-E-Prom (EEPROM)

Electrically-E-Prom (EEPROM)- No other device is required to delete or modify programs stored on electrically erasable PROMs. When given a command, only electrical signals available on the computer modify this program.

Read / Write Memory

Read / Write Memory- This memory allows users to store programs for some time. In simple terms, this memory is called RAM. This is also known as the computer’s basic memory. There are two types-

1-Dynamic RAM (DRAM)-Dynamic means dynamic. When 10 numbers are stored in this RAM and the two numbers in the middle are erased, all subsequent numbers are automatically moved to the center space and the center space is used.

2-Static RAM (SRAM)-Searches for data stored in static RAM. If the middle two numbers are erased in this RAM, the next number will not move to this empty space. As a result, this space will not be available until the entire memory has been “washed” and started anew.

External Memory

How To Store Data In Memory – External memory acts as both RAM and SAM and stores the work done on your computer. Their storage capacity is much higher than their internal memory. It’s relatively cheap. However, the operating speed of the external memory is much slower than the operating speed of the internal memory. The main external memory storage devices are floppy disks, hard disks, etc.

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