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How to Delete Google Search History ? | Best Methods Deleting Your Google Search History

How To Delete Google Search History ? | Delete Your Google Search History | Deleting Your Google Search History

How to Delete Google Search History – You probably use Google to search the Internet. Did you know that Google and your browser keep a history of your Internet activity? This article explains why and how to delete this history.

Most people are unaware that their internet activity is being logged. These activities appear to be logged for convenience. For example, if you’ve visited a page in the past, your browser retains this information so you don’t have to retype the URL for the entire website.

Alternatively, you may have typed something into the Google search box. These searches are maintained by Google to suggest similar searches if you’re looking for the same thing in the future. In fact, Google combines previous searches with its own database to try to give you the best possible results.

But what if someone logs into your computer? Can they see your past Internet activity?

In many cases the answer is yes.

For Windows-based computers with only one user ID, the answer is definitely yes. In this situation, you can easily see what data other users are using on that computer.

If you don’t want this, you should delete your Google search history.

There are three places to delete your Google history. The first place, and likely to be checked by a snooper, is the browser bar where you enter the address of the website you want to visit. This area keeps your search history that you can easily access by clicking the dropdown box.

In most browsers, to delete your browser history, click Tools, locate the Options tab, and delete your personal history.

Another place where history is stored is the Google Toolbar. If you have Google Toolbar installed, you can clear your history by right-clicking the search field and clicking Clear History.

Finally, the third piece of information that is stored is the information you enter into the Google search box. It is maintained by your browser and can usually be removed via a tab within the “Tools – Options” option of your browser. In other words, if you don’t want others to track her Google search history, take the proper steps to delete it.     

How to Delete Google Search History | How do I completely delete Google search history?

How To Delete Google Search History ? | Delete Your Google Search History | Deleting Your Google Search History
How To Delete Google Search History ? | Delete Your Google Search History | Deleting Your Google Search History
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Top 5 Reasons You Should Always Delete Your Search History

You may have noticed that while searching in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, LiveSearch, clicking the text box and typing something brings up a list of all your past searches. You may have overlooked it, or sometimes just glanced through it and didn’t realize how dangerous it was. Here are the top five reasons why

1) To avoid strangers seeing your searches – we assume that our laptop or PC is mostly with us, so no one else has access to it. It’s far from the truth. Our computers are often sent in for repair, and office staff are accustomed to calling technical support for technical issues. Service representative activity cannot be fully monitored. Just click the search box for these random strangers to find what you’re looking for.

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2) Clear the record of other users’ searches on your computer when you start typing something in the search box, the word you thought of will pop up, but the search has no memory. The term was likely coined by her teenage nephew who borrowed your laptop last week. What teenagers want isn’t always “pretty.” Do you want your co-workers (or the tech support guy mentioned in #5 above) to think you did such a search? Ignore other people’s crude searches on your computer and instead Clear your search history.

3) To avoid embarrassing situations – see this. The next day, my partner opens her Google and sees what she sees in her search history. Heartbreaking and unnecessary. Likewise, you don’t want your boss to know about your job search, do you?

4) To keep nasty viruses at bay – Internet worms of all kinds are created by malicious coders. Many of these worms can copy your entire search history to the server. While it’s always advisable to take security measures to keep bugs like this at bay, having no search history in the first place is always the safe deal and risks a breach of privacy.

5) Because some discoveries are personal – we are all human and have personal needs, desires, curiosities and fantasies that we would rather not share with anyone. Some adults still watch Disney cartoons, while others have a different sexuality. You have every right to search for anything you want, but no one has the right to know it without your permission. Exercise your right to privacy. Clear your search history.

How to Clear Web Browsing History in Google Chrome Easily?

Google Chrome was first launched in 2008 in 43 languages. At this time, it was only available on Microsoft Windows. It’s fast, secure, and has the stability of a simple browser. Application performance and JavaScript speed are two of Chrome’s greatest strengths. Also, the prominent graphical user interface, the address bar with search bar, was a feature first announced in Chrome. According to the latest statistics, Google Chrome has become the world’s most popular browser with a 39% market share worldwide.

One of the things users usually worry about when using Google Chrome is how to delete their browsing history. This is to protect your privacy and remove clutter from your search history. So, if you want to clear your browsing history on Google Chrome web browser, here is a simple step-by-step process.

Start by opening the Chrome web browser.

Then click History in the options on the top left of the Google Chrome toolbar. This option can also be found by selecting the Customize and control Google Chrome box in the top right of the screen.

Here, select the option called Clear all browsing data on the top left of the screen. Then a new window pops up and you specify what you want to remove.

Next time you need to specify a timeframe, you should choose from the following options based on your preference: Options include Last Hour, Last Day, Last Week, Last 4 Weeks, and Elapsed Time Since Start. Choosing the last option will delete your entire Chrome browsing history.

Now we need to change the details. This means you can select whatever you want to remove. Options include clearing browsing history, clearing download history, clearing cache, clearing cookies, clearing saved passwords, clearing saved autofill form data, and clearing data from hosted apps. Erasure, and Content License Approval.

Once you’ve selected everything, you’ll need to click Clear browsing data next time.

Once you delete your browsing history, it cannot be undone. So if you think a particular URL or site might be useful in the future, make a note of it to avoid trouble later.

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So it seems easier to delete the browsing history. Get in touch with Google Chrome technical support experts for even easier removal.

There are many companies that offer the same thing, but SupportBuddy is globally recognized on this front. Just call the Google Chrome technical support number here and you’ll always get quick answers and quick troubleshooting. and problem solving.

Clear Your Computer’s Search History – How to Clear and Permanently Clear Cookies and Storage Cache

A simple task, of course, is to delete the search history in your Internet browser. From Internet Explorer to Firefox and more, the internet, web, and browser search history have long had the option to delete browsers you don’t like. What to do is a secret.

Many programs claim to be able to permanently erase your search history by writing to a file, but this is the only way to permanently “delete” a file from your computer. The built-in functionality makes it possible for some users who don’t know how to delete history or restore history.

Most people use Internet Explorer while surfing the web. To do this, go to the top menu, click Tools, Options, Internet Options, General, click Delete Files and then OK .

The final step is to click “Yes” after clicking “Clear History”.

Safari users have an even less cumbersome method. Basically, click History in the top menu, then click Clear History at the bottom of the list that appears. For those of you who don’t know, Windows users now have Safari out of the box. Protect your search history and enable private his browsing makes him one of the best browsers.

Loyal Mozilla users, select Tools > Options > Privacy > Clear. Clear sound like mud?

Settings/Preferences/Toolbars and Sounds/Clear History Trail now serves the purpose with AOL.

Admittedly “Toolbars and Sounds” isn’t really intuitive sound, but it makes a nice point. Google, Yahoo, or Alexa Toolbars let you keep your search history intact for long-term reference…what’s better than keeping it in case you don’t remember it in the future?

However, you should be mindful of prying eyes when trying to cover your tracks. A classic example is typing a search into the Google Toolbar and clicking the down arrow to the right of it gives you the search history you want. You will see a link “Clear History” on the screen. Clicking this link will erase your history.

Regardless of the toolbar, turning off the toolbar’s autocomplete feature can delete your search history and you may not even remember it at first.

Even if you are aware of this information, you still need third-party security control software to actually delete your search history. Your cache, history, and cookies may be deleted to the extent they are not deleted or deleted by data recovery software. Not undone. These programs thoroughly clean your computer using government and military level erasure methods.

Clear Browsing History – How to Clear and Permanently Clear Cookies and Cache from Your Web Browser

Deleting your internet browsing search history is very easy. Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browser has long come with options to delete internet, web and browser search history, clear cookies and memory cache. The trick is knowing what to do.

Now, just like deleting any other file, remember that these files are not permanently erased until they are written to. That’s why there are many dedicated programs for permanently clearing search history and internet history. However, since most users don’t know how to clear their history, and even fewer know how to restore their history, using these built-in functions will be successful for most computer users.

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Most people who surf the web still use Internet Explorer. From the top menu, click Tools > Options > Internet Options > General. Then click Delete Files and click OK. Finally, click “Clear History” and click “Yes” when prompted.

It’s easy for Safari users. Click History in the top menu, then click Clear history at the bottom of the list that appears. In case you didn’t know, Safari is now free for Windows users. This is his one of the best browsers when it comes to keeping your search history safe and enabling private browsing.

For Mozilla FireFox users, select Tools > Options > Privacy > Clear.

AOL is as easy as that.-Clear Settings/Preferences/Toolbars and Sounds/History.

Admittedly, choosing Toolbars and Sounds doesn’t seem intuitive, but it raises an important point. If your browser has a toolbar such as her Google, Yahoo, or Alexa toolbar, it also keeps your search history for later reference success.

However, if you’re trying to cover up your tracks, you don’t want this information exposed to prying eyes. For example, in the Google toolbar where you type a search, click the down arrow on the right to see your search history. Luckily, you’ll also see a link called Clear History. Just click there and your history will disappear.

All toolbars have this type of option, as well as the option to remember your internet search history, but you may need to visit your browser to turn off the autocomplete feature.

But again, if you want to permanently delete your search history, you need third-party privacy control software. Not only can these programs erase your history, cache, and cookies, they usually permanently delete them from your computer and cannot be undone or recovered using data recovery software. Most programs on the market use government and military level erasure protocols, which are sufficient to erase data from your computer.

How to Delete Recent Searches on Your Google Browser

You may have recently discovered that when you start doing a search in your Google browser, many other things you’ve discovered start jumping. This is your most recently searched history and most people don’t want it to be revealed to anyone using your computer. I certainly don’t like people seeing my recent searches. If you are also like this and want to know how to delete recent searches, I have some tips to fix this problem.

It depends on the browser you are using which steps you need to follow. It’s all fairly easy and I can narrow it down to three browsers that are quite popular. This will give you a chance to remove recent searches from your history before everyone else can see it.

If you are running Internet Explorer 6, 7 or IEB version then you need to follow these simple steps. Find the Tools menu and click on it, then from there you have to find and select Delete browsing history. Once you find the delete form button click on it. The confirmation window will ask you to select Yes or No, then you will click Yes. Hit the close button and there you go, all is gone.

Mozilla Firefox is very popular and if you are using this browser, you have to follow these steps. Find the Tools menu, click on it, and then start looking for Clear Private Data. Once you have found it, you have to click on it. Then find Select Saved Form and Search History and click on it. The last thing you need to do is click on the button to clear private data now.

If you’re using Safari 2, or even 3, for your browser, you’ll want to follow these steps. Find your preferences button and then you have to click on Auto fill tab. Find your other forms checkbox and click the Edit button next to it. Scroll down to and click on it. Hit the delete button and there you go. all done.

Now that you’re done, no one will be searching through your history anytime soon. You don’t need to hide things to keep your search history secret. Sometimes it’s nice to know that not everyone knows your business.

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