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How To Create Shortcut Key On Windows? | Best Shortcut Keys On Windows?

How To Create Shortcut Key On Windows? | How to Create Shortcuts for Useful Features on Windows | Create Shortcuts for Useful Features on Windows

How To Create Shortcut Key On Windows? – On your computer, you can create shortcuts for quick access to frequently used folders. The folder itself is not accessible via shortcuts or even programs. This guide will help you understand how to create useful shortcuts to minimize processes on your computer. How to quickly lock, disable the firewall, and other actions via shortcuts Learn how to trigger.

1. Lock: When you need to leave the house, you need to keep your computer safe because it stores your personal data. You can lock it or turn it off. However, in this case it’s better to lock it, because you can leave it for a while and quickly come back and start working again. Obviously for security reasons this works better with strong passwords.

Right-click a blank area of your desktop > New > Shortcut > Paste command line: rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation.

Click Next, enter a name for the shortcut, and click Finish.

2. Enabling/Disabling Firewall in Windows: Using firewall mode usually requires a few steps. You have to open the dialog box in the control panel. Alternatively, you can create two shortcuts on your screen to turn the firewall on or off.

Right-click a blank area of your desktop > New > Shortcut > Paste the command line: netsh firewall set opmode disable .

To disable or enable the firewall, change “disabled” to “enabled” in the command line. The created shortcut will not run immediately as it must be placed with administrator privileges. Right-click the Enable Firewall shortcut and select Properties. From the Properties window, click the Shortcuts tab. After clicking the Advanced tab, you can enable the Run as administrator option to finish.

3. Safely Remove Hardware: If you need to remove the USB, you must do this step to be safe. Let’s create a simple shortcut.

Right-click an empty area of your desktop > New > Shortcut > Paste the command line: RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll.

4. Delete the clipboard: When you copy something using the right-click menu or “Ctrl + C”, it enters data into something on your computer called the “clipboard”. This portion of your computer’s memory retains data until you turn off your computer, unless you delete it first. Let’s create a shortcut to clear the clipboard.

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Right-click a blank area of your desktop > New > Shortcut > Paste the command line: cmd /c “echo off | Clip”.

5. Enable/Disable Aero: Aero is a nice-looking set of graphical user interface options, but it can also slow down your computer significantly.

You can adjust the aero effect from “Personalize” in the menu. However, to make it faster, you can create two shortcuts to open and close the same firewall.

Right click on a blank area of your desktop > New > Shortcut > Paste Command Line:

To activate, copy and paste the command line: rundll32.exe dwmApi #102.

To disable, copy and paste the command line: rundll32.exe dwmApi #104.

How To Create Shortcut Key On Windows? | How To Create Shortcut Keys In Windows? | You Can Also Create Your Own Shortcuts On Your Computer – Know-How | How To Create Shortcut Keys In Windows?

How To Create Shortcut Key On Windows? | How to Create Shortcuts for Useful Features on Windows | Create Shortcuts for Useful Features on Windows
How To Create Shortcut Key On Windows? | How to Create Shortcuts for Useful Features on Windows | Create Shortcuts for Useful Features on Windows
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Top Computer Tips For New Users | Computer Tips For New Users

If you are a new computer user, there are a few things you need to remember to enjoy smooth, hassle-free computing. PC problems can occur suddenly and prevent users from enjoying smooth computing. Please act wisely to avoid such situations. This article provides some important computer tips for new users. You can also contact your remote PC support provider for assistance in this regard.

The first thing you should do is back up your important data regularly. Your computer’s hard drive can fail at any time, and when it does, you may have to put your important data such as photos, music, and movies at risk. Therefore, prevention is key. Yes, data recovery is possible, but it costs a lot of money. For this reason, we recommend backing up all important data.

To enjoy smooth computing, you need to keep your computer and its programs up to date. Microsoft regularly releases updates and patches. Install these updates to protect your PC. The same applies to other programs. Remember that having your programs up to date will help prevent problems. Your browser should also be updated. Also make sure your plugins are up to date.

Viruses, spyware, and other malware are developed by hackers and crackers to infiltrate computers and steal personal information. Sufficient security is required so that these unwanted applications can be blocked. Choose a strong antivirus and antispyware program, install it on your computer, and update it regularly. For added security, you should also install a firewall.

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Also, you should clean your computer to keep it running smoothly. Dust can cause problems such as overheating when the fan stops. Also, you should delete unnecessary data from the hard disk. You should check your hard drive for errors and run a disk defragmenter to clean up the data on the disk. Uninstall programs you no longer use.

While surfing the Internet, you should be aware of certain things. Please note that passwords must be at least 14 characters long and contain letters, numbers, and special characters. Make sure your site has https: when doing online transactions. We recommend that you avoid conducting financial transactions on public computers.

Shortcut keys are very useful for performing tasks quickly. If you’re comfortable with them, you don’t have to reach for your mouse every time, just use the shortcut keys. It also makes your PC more productive and makes your PC experience more enjoyable. So familiarize yourself with them and use the shortcut keys.

Improve Your Computer’s Performance By Removing Invalid Shortcuts | Remove Invalid Shortcuts

When you try to delete shortcuts, you may get the error message “Cannot delete file” or “Cannot read from source file or disk”. Therefore, the computer slows down and even freezes. If you come across such a situation, it means that there are some invalid shortcuts on your system and it’s time to remove them.

The function of shortcuts is to help us, but they can also cause some problems.When you visit some websites, your computer automatically downloads some links from these websites. , as links change or no longer exist over time, these shortcuts become invalid and cannot be opened under normal operating conditions. , with more and more shortcuts being downloaded day by day, the number of invalid shortcuts naturally increases.

If you allow the number of invalid shortcuts to grow and not remove them completely, they will take up more and more resources and space. This means that the computer needs more time to respond, the overall performance of the computer is greatly affected and some critical errors occur. Problems such as blue screens, system freezes, and even crashes can occur. This affects the overall performance and work efficiency of your computer. So we need to find a way to clean them perfectly.

For a computer novice, removing invalid shortcuts from the system is not an easy task. Of course, if you’re a computer veteran, you can remove these invalid shortcuts yourself, but even if you’re computer savvy, they’re either difficult to remove or your system takes a long time to respond. Worst of all, if you make any changes to your computer, you risk crashing your computer as the registry changes accordingly be impressed.

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All in all, if you’re not a computer expert, manually clearing invalid shortcuts not only permanently clears invalid shortcuts, but can also harm your computer. In this case, you need an effective and safe way to reach your goal, and the wisest way is to rely on professional programs that do this work to improve the overall performance of your computer.

Program shortcuts are optimized using good registry repair software | Optimize program shortcuts

You may not see it, but we use many computer shortcuts in our daily lives. Program shortcuts appear on your computer system’s desktop, most often recognizable as small icons on the right side of your system. Just double-click the icon and you will arrive at your destination in no time.

This is the beauty of digital magic that brings your applications to life. Program shortcuts should be regularly checked and cleaned using registry repair software. This is important because once installed, unused icons take up a lot of space in your computer system’s memory.

Program Shortcuts That Cause Problems

The basic problem that occurs in the system is because the icons that exist in the system have been uninstalled. If you try to uninstall the program, it will not uninstall completely, leaving the same traces and interfering with registry operations. This is especially true for program shortcuts.

A desktop icon may appear on your screen or in the tool tray, even though it is not in the Start menu. In some cases, it even removes the icon, but the icon remains in the system’s registry files. So if the CPU incorrectly detects a file being moved to the wrong location due to an error in the file path, it will cause problems. Therefore, it just displays an error message and does not open the file because it cannot access the location itself. Attempting to open a newly installed better application or software will only result in an error message.

This issue can be mitigated by using registry repair software. Therefore, even for uninstallation, you should use registry repair software.

Orphaned files are another reason for errors in shortcut programs. Your local disk also contains these files and shortcuts. This is not a big deal, but so is the native link that exists between the shortcut and the application.

How Can I Fix Shortcut Errors?

The best way to get rid of shortcut errors is to use registry repair software, which is a great tool for many problems. It not only solves registry problems, but also helps root out broken or essentially obsolete shortcuts. This restores all lost links and so-called orphan files along with representative applications.

The best thing about using registry repair software is that these tasks are performed well and backup files are created by high quality registry repair software so there is no risk of losing information.

Smart Keys – List of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts | List of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows has many options for how to use it. No need to use a mouse or touchpad. If you’ve ever thought there must be a faster way than highlighting content or finding a button and clicking the mouse, you’re probably right. Here are some shortcut keys for Windows.

F5 Refresh Page – This works in almost all web browsers. If you’re a Firefox user and your partner is a fixed Internet Explorer user who occasionally swaps PCs, there’s good news. You don’t have to figure out where the refresh button is (or moved like it did when Firefox moved to version 4), just hit the F5 button and refresh the current page.
Use with Ctrl Y – It’s a bit strange that it has different effects depending on which program you’re using. So please don’t use it for anything that bothers you. In some applications, pressing Ctrl Y will redo what you last typed. Otherwise, delete the current line. It predates Windows and is not as consistent as it should be.
CTRL N – Normally opens a new window for the running program. Browser, word, excel, whatever. It’s often frustrating when you hit Ctrl N by accident, because everything you typed seems to be deleted. Stop sweating – you’re not – you just opened a new instance of the program. Close it or use the preview at the bottom of the screen to select the previous instance.
F2 – This allows you to quickly rename files. If you are in the File Open or File Save box in a program such as Word, you can edit the filename by highlighting the filename and pressing F2. Best if you save something with a typo in the filename and know you’ll never find it again unless you rename it to something more sensible. This also works in Excel. Highlight the current cell and press F2 to edit that cell.
CTRL F – Brings up a “Find” option in most programs. How this is done varies from program to program and even version to version as software engineers try to make things more accessible. Try Ctrl-F and see how the program you use responds.
Ctrl + and Ctrl – (not to mention Ctrl 0) – are useful if the website you’re viewing has the wrong font size. Ctrl + moves up one size (such as from 100% to 125%) and Ctrl – moves down one size. Press Ctrl 0 (zero instead of letter O) to return to normal 100% screen size. This is much easier than pressing any of the other combinations multiple times if you’re using them instead.
Program Menu Specific Shortcuts – Anything underlined in a program’s menu can be invoked by pressing the Alt key and the underlined letter. Menu items that aren’t immediately visible (for example, those under File on the File menu) can’t do this, so you’ll see a list of program-specific shortcuts you can access. Use one of the F keys at the top of your keyboard.
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