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How to Choose a Best Motherboard | Best Motherboard Types and Features?

How to Choose a Best Motherboard | Best Motherboard Types and Features?

How to Choose a Best Motherboard When you come across a huge number of motherboards on the market, you will be confused as to which one is best on the planet to build your computer. The motherboard is a very important part, so in the end all system components are connected to the motherboard. Choosing the wrong one can cause problems with your computer later.

When buying a Best Motherboard, you need to focus on its brand, quality and specifications. A good brand means high quality products and excellent service. Currently, there are many well-known motherboard brands on the market such as ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI, etc., each of which may be the first choice if unexpected problems occur during purchase and affect normal life. there is.

Even if you decide which item to buy, you still need to read and know many factors. It contains a chipset that sets the main technical specifications of the motherboard. For example, for high quality motherboards, you may want to use a suitable type of chipset to support the motherboard, such as 975X, 975P from Intel Corp, or C51G, nForce4 SLI / SLI X16 from NVIDIA Corporation Two. Often. Select a CPU. There are two main types of motherboards, one is the Intel series and the other is the Best Motherboard AMD series.

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If you process a few files every day and surf the net and your computer doesn’t run fast, you can choose an AMD motherboard to fit your affordable AMD CPU. Conversely, you can also consider an Intel motherboard with an Intel CPU. The third is the number and type of expansion slots and connectors on the motherboard. Currently, choose a motherboard designed to better support DDR2 memory and dual channel memory. In addition, you need at least four expansion slots.

4 USB Port Types-Motherboards have both ATA / 100 and S-ATA ports, and it’s best to choose one easily so that you can expand your hard disk. Fifth is whether the sound card and network card are integrated into the motherboard.

How to Choose a Best Motherboard | Best Motherboard Types and Features?
How to Choose a Best Motherboard | Best Motherboard Types and Features?
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If you are not so concerned about sound quality, we recommend choosing a Best Motherboard with a built-in sound card and network card to simplify the computer installation process. Sixth, does the motherboard support RAID? RAID is currently used primarily to improve the reliability of the data in the server, so if you need data security, you can choose a motherboard with this feature.

How to Choose a Best Motherboard – And Which type of motherboard is best?

Understanding Motherboard Types and How to Choose the Best Motherboard Right One

If you want to assemble your own computer, it is important to know the different motherboard types. It also helps you easily solve computer problems. Over the years, many motherboards have been on the market, and in most cases new models are released each year. To familiarize yourself with different types of motherboards, select one in particular and check the Best Motherboard classifications listed below.

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By dimension Motherboard Types:

Motherboard baby

This motherboard is 8.5 inches wides and 10 inches long. This is usually easy to identify because the DIN keyboard connector is located in the upper right corner of the motherboard. It is typically designed for traditional Pentium processors because it has a Socket 7 ZIF slot. Also known as Baby AT, because its overall size is only two-thirds that of a regular AT motherboard.

Full AT Motherboard

This is the first type of motherboard made, 12 inches wide and 11 inches long. The overall design wasn’t very good, which caused many problems with peripheral installation and troubleshooting. It is less accessible and has a drive bay mounted on top of the motherboard. In addition, expansion cards cover the processor and run the risk of overheating if the system is poorly ventilated.

ATX motherboard

The ATX is 7.5 inches wide and 12 inches long. Usually written for Intel processors. The bus speed is about 100MHz and it supports soft power so it can be shut down by the operating system. The USB port and I / O port are also directly integrated. The best thing about it is how everything is deployed. The baby AT parts rotate 90 degrees, so the bus architecture card does not cover the processor, helping to efficiently ventilate the system.

Depending on the type of processor:

Socket the Botherboard

Also known as Socket 464, this motherboard is built for Durons and AMD processors. It is built with 462 pins in a pin grid array and has a bus speed of approximately 100-200MHz.

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Socket370 Motherboard

It is built for Celeron, Pentium III, VIA C3, and VIA Cyrix III processors. Included in a 370-pin PGA package, the bus speed is approximately 66-133MHz.

Socket 378 Motherboard

Also known as Socket N, this motherboard is built for Pentium 4, Pentium 4EE, and Intel Pentium M processors. It is included in a 478-pin PGA package. On average, bus speeds are around 100-200MHz.

Socket T Motherboard

Also known as LGA775. This motherboard type is designed for Intel Xeon, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad, and many other similar processors. It is built into a 775-pin PGA. The bus speed is fast, 1600MHz.

Socket939 Motherboard

This type of motherboard is designed for AMD processors. Built with 939 pins in combination with the PGA package, its bus speed is as high as 200-1000MHz.

Socket am3 Motherboard

Built for AMD Athlon II and AMD Phenom II processors. It also incorporates a 941-pin PGA and bus speed rates from 200 to 3200 MHz.

Socket h Motherboard

Another word for this is the LGA1156, which comes with a 1156 pin in LGA format. Initially built to support Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5, and Intel Core i7 processors.

Understanding Motherboard Types and How to Choose the Best Motherboard for PC Right One

Best Motherboard – There are so many classifications and types of motherboards that it is important to consider these details when repairing your computer, especially when you need to replace certain parts or select new parts. When buying a new unit, pay attention to the competition and familiarize yourself with your computer’s motherboard.

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