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How to Buy the Best Computer for You

How to Buy the Best Computer for You | How to Purchase the Right & Best Computer for You

How to Buy the Best Computer for You – Would You Like to Buy a Computer? Are you feeling uncomfortable and is it preventing you from buying? Once you’ve learned my steps, you can apply all the information and be confident in your computer purchase. First, let’s define some important things.

Desktop Computer : A computer that sits on the floor or on a table / desk and requires a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Desktop computers are generally not portable.

Monitor: Screen-Imagine being able to see what you’re doing on your desktop on your computer’s TV. For example, what you type on your keyboard is displayed on your monitor.

Mouse: A device used to navigate around you on your desktop computer.

Keyboard: The device used to enter words. The keyboard is usually on the front of the monitor and the mouse is on the side of the keyboard.

Laptop: A lightweight, portable, battery-powered and / or computer that plugs into a wall outlet. The laptop has a built-in keyboard and (touchpad) mouse.

Central Processing Unit (CPU): Commonly known as a processor, it is the brain of a computer. CPU speed is measured in GHz. A single-core processor represents a single brain. A dual-core processor represents two brains and a quad-core processor represents four brains. The faster the processor and the more brains it has, the faster the computer will be able to calculate information.

Gigahertz (GHz): The unit of measurement frequency is the timing and speed at which the processor runs.

Hard drive (HD): Storage device. It can be internal or portable. Storage device sizes are measured from megabytes, gigabytes, or at most terabytes.

Storage sizes include megabytes, gigabytes, and terabytes (MB / GB / TB). For example, 1000 MB = 1 GB, 1000 GB = 1 TB.

Random access memory (RAM): Temporary memory, not hard drive. It is used for tasks at hand and is erased every time you turn off your computer. The more tasks you have, the more tasks you can run at the same time, and the faster you can run them. The unit of measurement for RAM is the same as the unit of measurement for megabytes and gigabytes of hard drives. However, unlike hard drives, speed is also measured.

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Video card: A graphics adapter that can improve the display on your monitor.

Optical drive: A device that can read or read / write CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. Optical drives have many models for performing different functions.

Operating System (OS): A platform that runs all applications or programs. The two major operating systems are Apple-Mac and Microsoft-Windows. Microsoft operating systems include Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. The advantage of the Mac operating system over Windows is the improved animation and graphic design. In addition, Mac is virus resistant. The advantages of the Windows operating system over the Mac are that

1) it is more commonly installed on a computer,

2) it is cheaper, and

3) more software and applications are available. Also, the Mac operating system can only be used on laptops, not desktop computers.

The Windows operating system is available on 32-bit or 64-bit platforms. Purchasing a 64-bit operating system limits you to the use of software specifically designed for 64-bit systems. Most programs are likely already built for 32-bit systems. Unfortunately, most of them don’t run on 64-bit systems. warning. Do not confuse a processor called AMD64 with a 64-bit operating system. A processor called AMD64 works well on 32-bit operating systems. This system runs the most common software that is 32-bit.

The first step in buying the right computer is to decide what you need for your computer. Need a stationery or portable one? Both have their strengths and weaknesses.

The first advantage of desktops is that they operate at lower temperatures, which extends the life of your computer. The second advantage is that desktop processors are faster and available on multiple cores. The third advantage is that many parts are replaceable, easy to replace, and easier to upgrade. The fourth advantage of desktops is that you can choose the size of your monitor you want and change it at any time.

The first advantage of laptops is that they are portable. The second advantage is that it is powered by a battery or AC plug power supply. The third advantage of laptops is that you can choose between Apple-Mac operating system or Microsoft-Windows operating system. Now you are ready to compare availability across multiple purchase locations.

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You can select a retail store such as Fry’s, Best Buy, Costco, or start an online search from, Dell, HP, and more. However, no matter what space you use, you must request full specifications to make an informed choice. Please note that on Mac or Windows 64-bit operating systems, the software available is limited.

How to Buy the Best Computer for You

How to Buy the Best Computer for You | How to Purchase the Right & Best Computer for You
How to Buy the Best Computer for You | How to Purchase the Right & Best Computer for You
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Before you buy your computer, you can ask yourself the following questions:

1) Decide whether you need a laptop or a desktop computer.

2) What is your price range?

3) Compare the specifications to find an available computer that fits your price range.

4) Compare the speed of the processor with the number of cores.

5) Compare the size of your hard drive.

6) Compare RAM. Compare the amount of pre-installed RAM. Compare the amount of RAM your computer can hold if you upgrade. There are restrictions.

7) If you choose to buy a laptop, compare the screen sizes. If you choose to buy a desktop model, compare whether it comes with a screen / monitor, keyboard, and mouse. If your desktop does not have paper requirements, you will need to compare and purchase them individually. Don’t forget to compare the size and price of your screen / monitor. You can make personal choices regarding the keyboard and mouse.

8) Compare the graphics. Does the graphic have its own memory or do I need to share my computer’s memory? Ideally, you need graphics with dedicated memory rather than shared memory.

Once you have the knowledge and comparisons at hand, do all the research and avoid salespeople who may be working on voluntary purchases, especially commissions. You can buy the right computer for you.

How To Choose The Right and Best Computer For Your Business

As you know, at this time, you can’t get your business working effectively without a computer. Computers have become an indispensable business tool that is needed every day to perform various business tasks. The days when you could do everything with just paper, a pen, and your brain are over. Timing and accuracy make computers an indispensable business tool for entrepreneurs, including small business owners.

Choosing the right computer for your business is an important decision you need to take as an entrepreneur. There are many brands of computers, each with different features and price tag packages. The question is how to choose the one that best suits your purpose and is reasonably priced. It’s really hard. The truth is that it’s not easy. You need to be informed enough to make the right decision.

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Keep in mind that computers can be very expensive and the technology behind them changes within an average of 6 months. It’s a bad decision to buy state-of-the-art high-tech equipment and realize that modern technology is obsolete before you meet your ROI (return on investment).

Now, some simple guides recommended by many small business entrepreneurs who run their shows (not scholars or salesmen who run their businesses on their lips) sit down and give themselves some. Is to ask an important question. For example, you need to be honest in answering the following important questions:

  • What is the computer used for?
  • Need a desktop or laptop computer?
  • What computer specifications are suitable for my business?
  • How much is your computer business budget?
  • Are maintenance costs, parts upgrade costs, and computer parts readily available?
  • Is there any after-sales service or warranty?
  • What software do you need to make your equipment suitable for your business tasks?
  • Does the required software come with your computer or do you need to purchase it separately?

If you’ve read the list above and still don’t know how to choose the right computer for your business, you can ask for help. If you ask a friend or relative to help you choose a computer for your business, don’t assume it’s ridiculous or crazy. Knowledgeable friends and relatives can greatly help you make the right choices.

Let me warn you that your decision to buy a computer should not be based on the seller’s suggestion. No matter how friendly or intellectual the suggestion he makes, you must remember that you are away from your hard-earned money. So don’t spoil buying the first art gadget that is too expensive for your business.

Identify your needs properly and choose the basic tools that fit your budget. It’s better to choose a basic computer that can be easily upgraded than to choose the debut of an art gadget that won’t be popular in the next six months. Computers are for work, so you don’t have to impress anyone. What matters is not the brand name or the fact that it is the newest in town, but the ability of the computer to perform the required tasks.

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