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How Many Types Of Computer | Best 10 Different Types Of Computer

How Many Types Of Computer | Top 10 Different Types Of Computer

Types of ComputersComputers are of different Types Of Computer on the basis of their functionality, purpose and shape. Computers can be classified on the following three basis-

1. Application

2. Purpose

3. Size

Types Of Computers On The Basis Of Applications

Computers can be divided into three categories based on their application: Analog computers, Digital computers, and Hybrid computers.

Analog Computer

Analog Computer – Analog is a Greek word, which means to find the symmetry between any two quantities. Analog computers are used to design a physical action and give instructions to continue that action. By converting a physical action into mathematical equations, it is prepared electronically by a predetermined process by making an electrical circuit corresponding to it with the help of amplifier blocks of analog computers.

Due to this predetermined process, the analog computer works according to the instructions only after understanding the instructions. Analog computers are mainly used in the fields of science and engineering as quantities are used more in these fields. Completely accurate results are not obtained from these computers, but up to 99% pure results can be obtained.

We can also say that those computers which measure physical quantities, such as pressure, temperature, length, etc., and present their results by converting them into numbers, are called analog computers. Like a thermometer does not do any calculation but it is related to mercury. Measures body temperature by comparing relative expansion. Similarly, an analog computer installed in a gasoline pump measures the amount of gasoline coming out of the pump, displays it in liters, calculates the value and displays it on the screen.

Digital Computer

Digital Computer – Digit means – digit. Digits may be displaced from their positions in the digital system. The electronic clock or calculator is based on the digital method only. All these numbers are based on 8, because 8 is the only digit that can represent different numbers by representing different parts. The number 8 is made up of seven LEDs. Some of these bars for different numbers can be displayed by illumination. Digital computers are based on the binary system.

In these, any letter or number is composed by switching the binary code 0 and 1 in different fields of memory. The field in which the signal is reached through binary code 1 becomes active and the field in which the signal is not reached due to binary code 0 becomes inactive. Digital computer does all the calculations, taking arithmetic on the basis. Digital computer converts any data into binary form and performs all kinds of calculations on the basis of binary sum.

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Hybrid Computer

Hybrid Computer – Hybrid means to be hybrid i.e. having many properties. Hybrid computers were created by combining the best qualities of both analog computers and digital computers. In an analog computer, the directions for controlling any system are received in an instant. Hybrid computers use special devices to convert these instructions into digital instructions. Modem is one such device. It works to convert analog signals to digital signals and digital signals into analog signals.

How Many Types Of Computer

How Many Types Of Computer | Best 10 Different Types Of Computer
How Many Types Of Computer | Best 10 Different Types Of Computer
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Types of Computers Based on Purpose

Types Of Computer – Different types of computers are used for different tasks. The computer can be classified by giving its name according to its purpose-

General Purpose Computer

General Purpose Computer – All types of work can be done by general purpose computer, whether it is related to any field of science, commerce, engineering or education etc. Different types of task at the same Computer can be done and a computer on which all these tasks are possible is called general purpose computer. This type of computer is most general Types Of Computer used. The best example of this is IBM-PC. (I.B.M.-P.C.).

Special Purpose Computer

Special Purpose Computer – Computers which are always made to do the same work, they are called special purpose computers. This types of computer has more memory and the ability to work fast. Special in objective computer, work is done more efficiently. At the same time, its value is also very less, because unnecessary parts are removed from that computer. For example Types Of Computer , special purpose computers are used in most of the sugarcane mills.

Mechanical Inbuilt Purpose Computer

Mechanical Inbuilt Purpose Computer – When the devices have to be controlled through the computer, the output of that computer is taken out in the form of electrical signals and connects them with the machines through switches. This type of computer is called mechanical purpose computer. This computer is used to connect the automatic line in the telephone center, to control the operation and test equipment in the hospital and to control any other type of machines. Testing of eyes through Types Of Computer is a good example of this machine.

User Friendly Computers

User Friendly Computers – Those computers which can be operated by a normal person, whether he knows how to operate a computer or not, are called companion computer. In this way, the computer is also made by a special method, so that it keeps on giving instructions and other information to the computer operator itself. All this information is displayed on the monitor screen of the computer. These types of computers are used for training children in schools or for entertainment on computers are done.

High Intelligent Machine

High Intelligent Machine – This type of computer is used to solve complex problems and operate heavy machines. High Intelligent Machine is a computer with a sharp intelligence; robot, rocket, launcher etc.can be operated with assistance.

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Knowledge Information Processing System

Knowledge Information Processing System – Till now computers work with the help of programs saved in their memory, they did not have any intelligence of their own. The first invention of this type of computer Made in Japan which was named KIPS. To do all the possible tasks of the world in this computer, programs have already been made and given in this computer, which we can call the artificial intelligence of the computer. This Types Of Computer is not yet available in the market but soon likely to be available.

Types Of Computers On The Basis Of Technologies

On the basis of technology, there are four types of computers – microcomputer, mini computer, mainframe computer and super computer.

Micro Computer

Micro Computer – Technically micro is the least efficient computer but it is used for all the tasks. The biggest collaboration in the development of these computers was the invention of the microprocessor in 1970. These computers are small and cheap, so they can be installed for personal use at home or outside in any workspace, so they are called Personal Computer or PC. (PC) is also called. Microcomputer has only one CPU (CPU) is installed. At present time, the development of microcomputers is happening very faster. As a result, the microcomputer is like a book.

Evolving in size, phone shape and even watch shape. Microcomputers are used in homes, schools, offices etc. In homes, it helps the family members in making the budget of the household and is also used for entertainment. Schools Computers are used in preparing the question papers of the students and giving interesting information based on many subjects. In offices, computers have divided half the work. All the accounting of the offices, all the files, maintenance of the files, etc. is handled by the computer itself. With the help of computers, the congestion of files in the offices has reduced.

The most popular form of microcomputers is IBM. (International Business Machined) came into the market as a personal computer series. With the advent of this series, the softwares that could be used on them started being made in such a large number that IBM-PC. Or computers based on it started being used in abundance.

Mini Computer

Mini Computer – The size of computers is almost the same as microcomputers but the functionality is more of mini computers. They are used in the work of keeping accounts in banks, factories, insurance companies etc. Mini computers cannot be purchased individually as they cost more than mini computers. These computers are used in medium scale companies.

More than one user can works on this computer. Storage Capacity of Mini Computers Memory, speed and efficiency are more than microcomputers and less than main frame computers. It has more than one CPU. (C.P.U.). The very first minicomputer PDP-8 was the size of a refrigerator for $18,000 (approximately 852400.00). Which was prepared by D.E.C. (D.E.C.-Digtal Equipment Corporation) in the year 1965. The main part of the mini computer is kept in a building and many terminals are attached to it. Although for many individuals

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It is also possible to install a separate microcomputer, but it is expensive. Apart from this, the problem of their maintenance and repair increases when there are many microcomputers. A company can use mini computer for the following tasks- maintenance of financial accounts, sales-analysis, production planning, cost-analysis Other uses of minicomputers are the operation of reservation system for passengers in traffic and banking in banks.

Main Frame Computer

Main Frame Computer – These computers are very powerful, that is, the storage capacity and speed of these computers are much higher than that of microcomputers and mini computers. These computers are used for networking, that is, many terminals are connected on these computers and these terminals can be placed anywhere. If terminals are placed near the main computer, such as in the same building, this type of networking is called local area networking.

And if the computer terminals are placed away from the main computer, such as in another city, then this type of networking is called wide area networking. Terminals used in railways are a good example of wide area networking. Most of the companies or organizations use mainframe computers for the following tasks:

It performs – keeping details of purchases by consumers, keeping details of payments, sending bills, keeping, sending notices, paying employees, keeping detailed details of development of tax etc.

The speed of this computer increases and decreases according to the number of terminals, the length of the wires. In fact, all these terminals stand in a line to access the Main Frame Computer, but being extremely powerful, the Main Frame Computer uses each terminal.

It gets the job done so quickly that every employee working at the terminal gets the impression that the computer is doing only that work. The method of completing work in this way is called Time Shared System. The storage capacity of this computer is very high so that the work done by all the terminals can be stored smoothly. The storage capacity of these computers can be increased or decreased as per the requirement. P.C.-A.T./386, 486 IBM4381, ICL39 Series and The CDC Cyber ​​series are prime examples of main fame computers.

Super Computer

Super Computer – This computer is the most powerful computer of the modern era. There are many C.P.U. Parallel Processing is called Parallel Processing. The world’s first supercomputer I.L.L.I.A.C. Is. A C.P.U. The mutual ideology of executing data and program in a stream by the CPU is called ‘Von Neumann Concept’. But supercomputers are prepared on the basis of ‘Non-Von Neumann Concept’, many ALUs in supercomputers. (ALU) CPU are a part of. Each ALU is for a certain action and all the ALUs perform a parallel process simultaneously.

Many input and output devices can be connected to this type of computer. Supercomputers are used for the following tasks-

  • Research and discovery in large scientific and research laboratories.
  • Sending astronauts to space for space travel.
  • Weather forecast.
  • Producing a movie with high quality animation.

Types Of Computer – The first supercomputer in India named Cray-X MP-14 was installed in Delhi. It was used to obtain weather and agricultural information. After this, India has also succeeded in making supercomputers sometime back. Japanese company N.E.C. Has built the world’s fastest supercomputer which can perform 28 billion calculations in a second. The main examples of supercomputers are CRAY-2, CRAYXM-24 and NEC-500.

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