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Features of Computer System | Best Computer System Characteristics

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Features of Computer System | Computer System Characteristics

Features of Computer System – Due to its excellent and unique characteristics, today computer is entering every sphere of human life. Its main features are as follows-

Speed ​​- In a way, a computer can be called such a fast speed calculator, by which impossible scientific calculations can be done in a few seconds. All the work that can be done by a computer is based on calculations. Today the use of computer is increasing in the field of military, science and education. Computer is an electronic device. Today’s computers do calculations very fast.

Their speed can be known in such a way that the unit of time is second, microsecond (one millionth part of a second i.e. 10-5 seconds), nanosecond (10-9), picosecond (10-12). Today’s computers take only 300 to 400 nanoseconds to add 18 to 20 digit numbers.

Memory – A person needs memory to perform all the functions of the brain. If a person does any calculation, he gives the answer only after keeping the result in memory after the calculation. But a person can keep only a limited number of messages in his memory. Therefore, whatever becomes old for him, it starts to fade from memory. All the messages can be stored in the computer’s memory, which is very large, and stored for a long time.

Features of Computer System – The unit of memory used in an electronic computer is kilobyte. There are 1024 memory blocks in a kilobyte. It is very difficult to store all the messages in the internal memory of the computer, so external memory is used for this. Any number of messages can be stored in external memory; And they can be used anytime. A Recall (re-invitation driver) computer system provides an important feature.

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By this facility any information can be displayed again on the computer screen. This facility is operated by the secondary memory of the computer. The recalled information is as accurate as it is when that information is first obtained.

Features of Computer System

Features of Computer System | Best Computer System Characteristics
Features of Computer System | Best Computer System Characteristics
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Feeling Less – There is no feeling or any understanding in computer system because computer is a machine. The computer can never take any decision on its own, the decision certified by the computer depends on the instructions of the user.

Accuracy – The ability to present accurate results in a computer is very high. Mostly the impurity presented by the computer is due to the mistake made by the user and the fault in the computer hardware, no other reason is possible for this. The ability to correct mistakes in a computer is more than other machines.

Automation – Once the program is loaded into the computer’s memory, each message of the program is executed by the Central Processing Unit. This implementation by the Central Processing Unit continues until the end of the program i.e. the message “Program finished”.

Versality – Whatever work is to be performed by the computer, it is tied in a certain order, then the data is molded in a predetermined mold in such a way that it can be accepted by the computer. In this way the following four functions are mainly performed by the computer-

Features of Computer System | Best Computer System Characteristics

  • Data exchange by the user through input-output devices.
  • Internal transfer of user inputted information.
  • Getting results by arithmetic calculation.
  • Comparative analysis of the information inputted in the computer.
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Deligency – If the computer is used in proper environment then it can work very efficiently. Due to the computer being an electronic device, no trace of exhaustion is reflected even if there is a heavy workload. In this, even when the workload is high, the symptoms of malfunction are not found, but many mechanical devices start showing signs of fatigue or malfunction when the workload is high.

Features of Computer System | Best Computer System Characteristics

Even if human beings are made to work continuously, then after a while the human brain also starts feeling tired, and due to this he starts making mistakes by losing balance. If the computer has been directed to do many types of work, then it will also do the last task with the same efficiency and efficiency as it would have done the first task.

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