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Computer Virus Protection By Dos – Best Information

Computer Virus Protection By Dos – Best Information

Computer Virus Protection By Dos – As you must have read in our article What is Computer Virus, which explains that Computer Viruses are programs that are deliberately designed to damage or destroy your programs and data. The effects of viruses can range from minor damage to massive destruction. Considering the risk of work, it is your responsibility to protect the programs and data located on your computer from viruses. two to protect against virus in dos-6

Solutions are Anti-Virus and VSafe.

Anti Virus

Anti-virus programs check for the presence of viruses in your computer’s memory and drives. More than 1000 different types of viruses that can affect your computer can be detected by this program. This program can be run by typing MSAV at the prompt and then typing the drive name and options. For example- C:\>MSAVIC

This program will check for the current drive if you do not specify a drive name. Other options with this program are as follows: IC By selecting this option, it not only does the scan but also removes the virus.

IS by selecting this option it scans but does not remove viruses. By selecting this option, IR generates a report file named MSAV.PRT in the root directory which tells how many files were checked, how many files contained virus and how many files were removed from virus. This report can be viewed on the screen with TYPE MSAV.RPT

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VSafe is a program that continuously checks for viruses in your computer. VSafe is always active. Its implementation requires a portion of RAM. As soon as vSafe detects a virus, it will display a warning notification. This program can be run by the following command and can be inserted into memory.

Computer Virus Protection By Dos

Computer Virus Protection By Dos – Best Information
Computer Virus Protection By Dos – Best Information
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Anti Virus Program

There are special softwares available in the market today to detect the presence of viruses in the computer and make the computer free from them. These softwares are called anti virus programs. These ‘anti virus programs’ are like other computer programs. Each virus has a special way of recognizing it. The methods of dentification of viruses that have been previously detected are recorded in these ‘anti virus programs‘ and if any computer indicates the presence of any of these pre-recorded identification marks, then it ‘Anti virus programs’ easily find that virus in the computer.

Each virus has its own specific workspace, that is, each virus has a certain type of files or data that it will damage. Once a virus is detected, anti-virus programs not only remove that virus from the computer, but also, depending on their functions, the damaged data or files, sometimes completely and sometimes partially Correctly correct.

What Happens With An Anti Virus Program?

Anti virus programs also have a system to test many such viruses based on the structure of the virus, about which there is no information recorded in the ‘anti virus program’. Such ‘anti virus programs’ are called ‘smart anti virus programs’.

The following points should be kept in mind while buying any anti virus program-

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Anti virus program should be easy to install and use in the computer – It should be easy to load the anti virus program in the computer and configure it according to your needs. Many anti virus programs are such that they

It is very difficult for a normal user to install on the computer. Your anti virus program (AVP) should be such that even a normal user can make it a memory resident and remove it from memory whenever he wants. Have the necessary information with the anti virus program and it is easy to upgrade-

With the help of an anti virus program, you must take some written material about the commands required to find and erase viruses from the computer, etc., so that you can easily understand all the commands of your purchased AVP. Usually, many new viruses are being created almost every month, for which each AVP making company, from time to time upgrade their AVP. Some companies do the next few upgrades free of charge to their AVP users and some companies take the old AVP from the customer and give the new upgraded AVP to the customer.

Some companies do not even discuss this type of free upgrade. In this case, you should get a written guarantee for these upgrades from the company, otherwise you will not be able to detect new viruses from your AVP. Antivirus program can act as TSR when needed – when you are repeatedly using floppies that are likely to contain viruses or which you are not sure about being virus free or are working on the internet If there is a risk of virus coming, in such a situation, the AVP should be able to act like a TSR.

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If your AVP remains a memory resident, it will be able to take full care that no virus can attack your computer. This will eliminate the need for you to check for the presence of a virus in each floppy, but as soon as a virus is detected.

Your AVP will try to login to the computer itself.

Antivirus programs should be able to examine the boot sector and master boot record – many dangerous viruses can damage the boot sector and master boot record (MBR) in addition to data, such as the CIH virus, so the AVP virus boot sector and master The boot record should also be able to check for viruses.

Anti virus program should be smart anti virus program – Your anti virus program should be such that it can also check for already known viruses, about which not much is known.

Antivirus programs should also be network enabled – there are many benefits to connecting computers to a network, even if it is a small LAN. Therefore, when buying an AVP, it is advisable to get a version of AVP that can check for viruses on all computers, clients and servers connected to the network.

Antivirus programs are suitable to fight various encryption techniques – nowadays there are many viruses coming in the market that change their code every time they target the computer. To produce this type of code, a special mutation engine is attached to these viruses and such viruses are called polymorphic viruses. Your AVP must also have a mutation engine attached to it to be able to capture these polymorphic viruses as well.

Nowadays there are many good anti virus programs available in the market, such as Norton Anti Virus, Dr. Solomon Tool Kit etc. All these anti virus programs fulfill the above facts.

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