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Computer Shortcuts And Functions – Best Computer Shortcuts

What Are Computer Shortcuts, Their Uses And Functions | Amazing Computer Shortcuts You Probably Didn’t Know

What Are Computer Shortcuts? – Computer shortcuts are a wonderful thing. You can use the keyboard to do things that you normally have to do with the mouse, and improve your work capacity.

Most people these days spend a significant portion of their work time (and free time) sitting in front of a computer. This means that knowing some good computer shortcuts can save you seconds every time you use them. This can take hours over the course of a week. You don’t need to be a computer savvy to get the most out of shortcuts. We’ve put together a short list of our favorite shortcuts.

1. ALT + TAB – Hold Alt and press his TAB key to scroll through currently open applications. It’s the fastest way to switch between windows and a shortcut I use literally hundreds of times a day.
2. Windows Key + D – Hold down the Windows key (which pops up the “Start Menu”) and press the letter “D” on your keyboard to quickly minimize all windows at once. It’s called “show desktop” and it’s useful if you have a lot of windows open, but suddenly you realize your desktop needs something.
3. CTRL + V – Most people already know this, but if you don’t, this is the “paste” shortcut. If you need to “copy” you can press CTRL+C.
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Computer Shortcuts And How To Use Them  |  Computer Shortcuts And Their Uses

What Are Computer Shortcuts, Their Uses And Functions | Amazing Computer Shortcuts You Probably Didn't Know
What Are Computer Shortcuts, Their Uses And Functions | Amazing Computer Shortcuts You Probably Didn’t Know

Save Time With These Computer Shortcuts

Are you busy like me Does your “stuck” look bigger at the end of the day than in the morning? Yes, we all have things to do many hours a day. That’s why I’m always looking for ways to get things done over time.

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Today we’re launching a series of short posts showcasing computer shortcuts that will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend doing basic daily tasks. Print these out and keep them near your computer for quick reference.

These Are Some Basic Shortcuts

Function key or F-key (not all F-keys have a function)

F1 = universal help key (works in most Windows programs)
F2 = used to highlight files or icons in Windows
F3 = used to find files or folders
F4= Open the Search window
F5 = refresh screen
F6 = Automatically move the cursor to the address bar in Firefox and Internet Explorer.
F7 = Turn caret browsing on or off. This feature places a movable cursor on a web page and allows you to select text with your keyboard. Used for spell checking in Microsoft Office products.
F8 = Access Windows Startup Menu (Safe Mode)
F9 = Start Send/Receive function in Microsoft Outlook
F10 = Activate menu bar for Windows applications
F11 = full screen access in most browsers
F12= Activates the Microsoft Office Save As screen.

Other Shortcuts:

Home key = move to beginning of current line
Ctrl + Home = Go to top of document
End = move to the end of the current line
Ctrl + End = Go to end of document
Shift + Home = highlight from current position to beginning of line
Shift End = highlight from current position to end of line
Ctrl + A = Select All
Ctrl + X = select cut
Ctrl + C = copy selected
Ctrl + V = Paste Selection
Ctrl + Z = Undo
Atl + Tab = Cycle through all open windows
Atl + Shift + Tab = switch between open windows
Ctrl + Alt + Del = Open Task Manager to restart or end unresponsive programs
Shift + Delete = Permanently delete files and programs (WARNING!!! BE VERY CAREFUL ON THIS).

Can you believe you can do so much with just a few function keys and the Ctrl and Atl keys? It saves you time.

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Computer Shortcuts To Improve Productivity |  Computer Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts on your computer can help you be more productive because it’s easier to press certain keys than using a mouse. There are some very common shortcuts, some are not. Below is a list of shortcut key combinations that can help you work more efficiently.

Ctrl+A – select all text in the document
Ctrl+C – copy the selected text
Ctrl+V – Paste selected text
Ctrl+X – Cut highlighted text and place it on the clipboard
Ctrl+End – jump to end of document
Ctrl+Home – jump to the beginning of the document
Ctrl+Right or Left Arrow – jump one word right or left
Ctrl+Up or Down arrow – jump paragraph up or down
Ctrl+Z – undo last action
Windows + D – show desktop
Alt+Tab – Allows you to move from one open application to another (tap the Tab key until you reach the desired application).

Mastering these shortcuts will make working with your computer much faster and possibly more enjoyable. Many of these shortcut combinations are within reach with just one hand. Besides using keyboard shortcuts, there are a few other things you can do to make your computer more productive. For example, increasing your typing speed will increase your productivity. Typing is much faster when you know where all the keys on your keyboard are. There are many free programs available online that can help you increase your typing speed.

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