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Computer Motherboard Troubleshooting – Motherboard Problems and Best solutions

Computer Motherboard Troubleshooting – Motherboard Problems and Best solutions

Computer Motherboard Troubleshooting – Motherboards are an important component of your computer and play an important role in your computer. If there is a problem with the board and it affects the operation of the entire PC computer system. This section describes the most common motherboard failures when using a computer.

Failure 1: No show boot

You need to check the BIOS because there is no performance in booting the computer. The motherboard contains important data about the BIOS hardware, but the BIOS is a more vulnerable part of the motherboard and is easily damaged. If damaged, the system will not be able to run.

Computer Motherboard Troubleshooting – This failure is usually due to the motherboard’s BIOS being damaged by the CIH virus (of course, it does not rule out the motherboard failure as a result of the system not being able to run on its own). Generally, the data on the BIOS hard drive is lost after the virus is destroyed. Therefore, you can detect the hard disk data to determine if the proper BIOS is corrupted. If the data on your hard disk is intact, there are three reasons why it will not boot.

Computer Motherboard Troubleshooting - Motherboard Problems and Best solutions
Computer Motherboard Troubleshooting – Motherboard Problems and Best solutions
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1. The board did not respond to the display plug of an expansion card such as a sound card due to a problem with the expansion slot or expansion card on the motherboard.

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2. The CMOS CPU frequency setting free wire jumper on the motherboard is incorrect, which can also cause no-show failure. In this regard, defects can be resolved over time in the form of explicit CMOS. The apparent CMOS jumper is located near the main board of the lithium battery.

The default location is usually one or two shorts, but you can fix the problem in seconds by simply changing to a few short jumps. If the user cannot find the old board jumper, remove the battery, enter the CMOS settings to display and close the boot, then install a battery that also serves the purpose of CMOS battery discharge.

3. The motherboard does not recognize the memory and does not corrupt or match the memory, so no boot failure will occur. Some older boards are more selective memory, and if you connect to a memory that the motherboard doesn’t recognize, the motherboard won’t boot and some motherboards won’t fail (tweet).

In some cases, connecting different brands and types of memory can cause such failures, which can expand memory and improve system performance, so you need to pay more attention to maintenance.

Computer Motherboard Troubleshooting – If the motherboard’s BIOS is damaged, you can insert the ISA card and see if the display appears (if prompted, you can suggest these steps). If there is no boot screen, update the BIOS and automatically update the BIOS to a floppy disk. However, if some motherboard BIOS is corrupted and the floppy drive does not work, use the hot plug method (unless the same BIOS is in the same class, the motherboard is writable).

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Computer Motherboard Troubleshooting and Best solution

However, using a hot plug joint to request the same BIOS can damage some devices on the board, so a reliable method is to use the RightCode device to write the BIOS update file into the BIOS. That is.

Failure 2: CMOS settings cannot be saved

Computer Motherboard Troubleshooting – Such failures are usually caused by insufficient battery voltage on the motherboard. This can be changed to resolve the issue, but there are two possibilities as some motherboards cannot resolve the same issue after replacing the battery.

1. Motherboard circuit problem. You need to look for a professional service.

2. Motherboard CMOS jumper issue. You may not be able to save CMOS data due to the CMOS jumper being misconfigured on the motherboard clear option or on an external battery.

Failure 3: On Windows, after installing the CD-ROM driver on the motherboard, an accident occurs or the disk slows down.

Some unnamed motherboards may experience this issue. After installing the motherboard driver, the restart computer cannot enter the Windows 98 desktop and the driver cannot be uninstalled in Windows 98. If this happens, we recommend that you rediscover and install the latest drivers. Usually the problem can be resolved, but if not, Computer Motherboard Troubleshooting – you can only reinstall the system.

Failure 4: Windows installation or Windows mouse boot is not available

Computer Motherboard Troubleshooting – The reason for this software failure is usually due to incorrect CMOS settings. In the CMOS area power management settings, the modem used the IRQ project and the options were 3,4,5 …, Normally, this default option is 3, and setting it to 3 items can break it.

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Failure 5: Frequent computer crashes, freezes during CMOS settings.

Computer Motherboard Troubleshooting – The symptom is a CMOS crash, usually a motherboard or CPU issue. The failure does not need to be resolved in the following ways: You can only replace the motherboard or CPU.

This failure was due to a common board cache issue or a low design heat on the motherboard. We have already discovered that the 815EP motherboard is not enough to cause a cooling failure event. It turns out that the detach CPU surrounds the components of the motherboard and the temperature is too high. After replacing the high power fan, you can resolve the crash failure. You can enter the CMOS settings until the cache issue fails. You can succeed after cache restrictions. Of course, cache limits affect rates.

Failure 6: Board COM or parallel port, IDE port failure

Computer Motherboard Troubleshooting – This failure is usually caused by the hardware associated with the user’s hot plug. At this point, the user can redeem using a multipurpose card. However, the COM and parallel ports on the motherboard must be restricted before they can be replaced , some motherboards have IDE ports for proper use.

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